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new version of headphones sony linkbuds sx olivia rodrigo Designed and adjusted in collaboration with American singer Who collects equally important prizes in his showcase three grammys, They’re based on Sony’s LinkBuds S wireless noise-canceling headphones, counting on the occasion Customizable EQ (Special Equalizer) adjusted by Olivia and her creator Daniel Nigro To hear their GUTS and SOUR album at its best.

They are presented in a special marble purple finish Designed by Olivia and made from recycled plastic and used water bottles from factories. The singer claims that he is very excited to be able to design a limited edition of LinkBuds S in purple color. The sound is incredible and I can’t wait for my fans to experience this kind of adventure.

Like the LinkBuds S, they have noise cancellationWith wireless high-resolution audio and all Ultra-small and lightweight design So that fans can listen to their favorite albums comfortably throughout the day. Smart features like adaptive sound control And Auto Play detects user behavior and automatically adjusts sound parameters to deliver the ideal sound at the right time. LinkBuds S adds innovative ambient sound technology With high-quality noise cancellation technology allowing the user to interact with the world around them, you can concentrate on your favorite Olivia song and nothing else.

rely two special equations Personalized to enjoy Olivia’s music (GUTS and SOUR) on the platforms of streamingAccessing, granting permissions from the Sony Headphone Connect application Hear music as the artist intendedbecause they have high resolution audio via wireless LDAC technology, adopted by the industry. Additionally, higher frequencies will be restored by using DSEE Extreme Which enhances music files in real time, allowing every nuance to be appreciated.

olivia chose eco friendly design Using recycled plastic materials from factory reclaimed plastic, water bottles and car parts to create headphone cases and body parts. Due to the variety of materials used, they have a purple marble pattern Which means no two pairs of LinkBuds x Olivia Rodrigo are alike.

Sony Lindbuds SX Olivia Rodrigo headphones are now on sale in specialized stores in the exclusive Marble Purple color with a recommended price. 179.99 euros,

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