Soundfall is finally coming to Nintendo Switch today

Confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch arrives again. This has been announced just a few minutes ago by its developers in the Indie World Showcase this afternoon.

It has been confirmed that this game will come to the hybrid console today. For now we do not have a more specific release date, so we will be attentive to more details. Get our coverage of the game here.

  • sound fall, from Drastic Games and Noodlecake: This rhythmic dungeon crawler combines fast-paced action with musical gameplay that makes you want to dance. Players take on the role of a Guardian of Harmony, a person with exceptional musical gifts who is transported to the world of Symphony to face the hordes of Discordance. Players must perform actions to the beat of the music to increase their power, and they will also have more than 500 pieces of equipment to customize their abilities. In addition, users can play solo or with up to three other players** to battle through dynamically generated levels and experience music-inspired encounters – there are over 140 songs to choose from, allowing for enjoyable gameplay. Very varied. It’s time to fight with a lot of rhythm in sound fallwhich arrives today on Nintendo Switch!

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