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Now, we have to contend with the latest variant of Covid: the discovery was announced by the South African authorities, it would be the most dangerous mutation among those that emerged from the beginning of the pandemic. And a dramatic confirmation in this sense comes from the markets: just think that the Tokyo Stock Exchange, following the announcement by the South African government, it lost more than 3%, hitting a month’s lows.

The Nikkei 225 index drops 3.02%, at 28.607.98 points, while the Topix dropped 2.41% to 1,976.92 points. Warning signs are also coming from the futures on the New York market, falling by one point on all the main indices. In short, the new variant has triggered panic on the markets.

As for Japan, the reaction of the stock exchange is due to the fact that the country now considered itself safe as regards the contagion, especially for the number of vaccines carried out. But according to the authorities in Pretoria, the new variant is capable of piercing the serum. Again with regard to Japan, the number of new Covid cases has greatly decreased since September and yesterday there have been only 163 cases throughout the country, against the peak of over 25 thousand recorded in August. The prospect that the mutation could slip back into the worst pandemic nightmare was welcomed by investors in the worst way.

After the afternoon break, the Nikkei recorded a decrease of 2.72%, leaving more than 800 points on the ground. The yen also reverses course it appreciates against the dollar at 114.70. However, tensions were felt a little in all Asian markets: in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index dropped 2.1% to 24,213.55, Shanghai 0.5% to 3,566.18.

On the new mutation – the strain was assigned the code B.1.1.539 – it was learned that “it has 32 mutations on the spike protein, which are a very large number and have accumulated in a very short time”. The point is that the number of variations on the spike protein – the tip of the Covid crown, the protein it uses to lock onto our cells and get inside them – it’s about double that of the Delta variant and three times that of Alpha. Figures that allow us to understand the danger of the mutation in question. Also think of the fact that Israel immediately stopped all flights to and from South Africa.

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