Space Jam 3, check the hypothesis Dwayne Johnson


The director of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” speculates a third chapter. The Rock and the world of wrestling could change the cards on the table

After the years have passed and the protagonist has changed, “Space Jam” continues to make young people dream and not only. From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”Recorded a decidedly surprising collection.

In its opening week, as reported by “Variety”, the film took first place at the US box office. A real surprise, having collected a collection of 31.6 million dollars. Passed “Black Widow”, a film that bids Scarlett Johansson farewell to the MCU. Second collection of the week, with 26.3 million dollars (decrease of about 70% compared to the first week).


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Considering this, the hypothesis of a “Space Jam 3” should not be excluded, going back to modifying the protagonist. Another sportsman but perhaps related to another activity. Could you go from basketball to wrestling?

Space Jam: here is The Rock


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Director Malcolm D. Lee looks to the future in an interview granted to Entertainment Weekly. A sequel to his film would not be excluded, on the contrary: “A lot depends on how positively the fans respond. I think the bar was set very high with Michael Jordan in the first film. Now, likewise, with LeBron James. Sport is transcended. Who else could find space in that universe. Never say never, even if a particularly good script would be needed, which is not repetitive compared to what has already been proposed. At the same time, however, it should gather its spirit and continue on that path ”.


Space Jam: in New Legacy, the official photos of the film with LeBron James

“Dwayne Johnson would certainly be an interesting choice. It would be something different. Maybe he could go back to wrestling. It would be interesting”.

An idea that is not an announcement, far from it. At present there is nothing but the public has already begun to respond positively to this possibility on the web. This, together with the excellent numbers recorded by this second chapter, could whet the producers’ imagination. It would be an ideal adventure for The Rock, which is certainly not afraid to try its hand at the comparison with great classics. Just think of what has been done with the two sequel films to “Jumanji”.

Space Jam: A New Legacy, storyline

The new film in the franchise, starring LeBron James, was released on July 16 in the United States, at the cinema and simultaneously on HBO Max. September 23, 2021.

The plot revolves around LeBron and his son Dom.The two find themselves trapped in a digital world by an evil artificial intelligence. The father will do everything to go home with his young son. He will guide Bugs, Lola Bunny and the entire Looney Tunes gang to victory on the basketball court against the digitized AI champions. Tunes against Goons in the challenge that will redefine the relationship with his son.


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