Spain and its worries with justice finished!

Shakira is apparently preparing to load up the decor. However, to say that she left Spain is to say that she lived there. However, according to her and her lawyers, she only lived there occasionally. Otherwise she would have paid her tax debt with the country’s tax authorities.

Indeed, the fans of Shakira do not ignore it, the famous singer is accumulating worries at the moment. Not only does justice still claim several millions from her, she also has to deal with the end of her relationship with football player Gérard Piqué.

Nevertheless, if the press allows itself to make shortcuts, here is two good reasons for Shakira to want to leave Spain. The media also specify in which new city and new country the star wishes to settle down. And as always, Objeko tell you everything!

Shakira plans to settle in the United States!

The famous Colombian star is in turmoil. Not only she separates from the father of her children, she also faces a lawsuit from the Spanish tax authorities. Definitely, she will remember this year 2022. Especially since in the middle of all this debacle, she tries to take her life in hand and settle in the United States.

In effect, Shakira would target Miami to rebuild her life. Besides, she wants to take her children with her. But it is not so simple now that she is separated from the father of the latter. Milan and Sasha are at the center of a battle for their guards.

So, Gérard Piqué would have imposed on Shakira to pay no less than five tickets per year between Spain and the United States so he can see his children. That’s not all, our colleagues from the magazine Pure People claim that the footballer also imposes on the singer to settle his debt of 395,000 euros that he would have contracted because of her.

In sum, Shakira is not done fighting to keep your head above water. But that’s nothing compared to what she risks if she loses her case against the Spanish tax authorities…

A new life for the star

It is on the side of Miami that Shakira would have planned to put down her suitcases. But if she still has to win her case, otherwise she risks up to eight years in prison. The sum claimed by the Spanish tax authorities amounts to 14.5 million euros. Objeko can therefore tell you that whatever the outcome of his trial, a new life is about to begin for the star.

Finally, note that it is a close friend of Shakira who confided in the media Page Six which revealed his desire to move. And this person explains in particular why the star chose Miami. Indeed, itis where his parents and his brother live. And given what she’s going through, she needs her family by her side more than ever.

“Miami is his home. His parents live here, his brother lives here, his niece and his nephew too. She has no family in Spain. It’s a different environment from Barcelona.”, would therefore have told the source in question. Also specifying that Shakira “is a very family oriented person” and that she “won’t go to a party with a bunch of friends”.

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