Spain, “Covid management as a non-immediate influence”

Latest news Spain, Sanchez brakes on management “as a flu”

After announcing in the past few days the imminent change of “management” for the Covid-19 emergency in Spain, with the adoption of practices and measures that propel the pandemic towards a more manageable flu epidemic, the Premier Sanchez he holds back his own statements.

“The transition to a management and surveillance of the Covid epidemic like that of an endemic disease will not happen overnight, but will be carried out when it is possible from a scientific point of view”: the Socialist Premier said. Madrid with a specific question. The change in Spanish management will take place “with the utmost cooperation at European level and with the necessary obligation of governments to anticipate the stages of the health emergency”. In the meantime, in Italy, the attempts to at least modify the system of the Covid bulletin to make it as close as possible to the exact current epidemiological photograph (after the Fiaso report which indicates 34% of Covid positives hospitalized in reality treated for other diseases) by the Regions, are held back by the ISS. Tomorrow there meeting of the Cts will try to draw up an opinion on the matter: here all the news in the focus. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)

Djokovic will play AO first round (maybe)

The number one tennis player in the world, Serbian athlete Novak Djokovic, will play the first round of the Australian Open tennis, despite all the uncertainties that have emerged in recent days regarding the visa of the same athlete. As we read on the online edition of the Ansa agency, Djokovic will be able to participate in the kangaroo tournament, despite the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has made it known that have not decided yet about the permit for the Serbian tennis player to enter his country.

The Australian premier also explained that the previous statement by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, according to which he is considering whether or not to cancel the visa, “has not changed”. The situation is therefore still far from resolved, and the controversies have not subsided for several days now. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)

Latest news, covid contagion curve slows and vaccine records

Numbers down in yesterday’s bulletin coronavirus with 196,224 positives, after more than 220 thousand registered the previous day. However, the daily deaths increased to 313, the record for this fourth wave. The positivity rate, with 1,190,567 swabs performed, remained stable at 16.5%. As for hospitalizations, after many days of climbing, those of intensive care have decreased with a decrease of 8 units and a new total of 1,559. On the other hand, the increase in the curve for ordinary hospitalizations continues with today’s increase of 242. There is also a noticeable increase in the healed, which in the last 24 hours were 108,198. In the subdivision at the regional level, Lombardy is the one with the highest number of cases, 51,050, followed by Campania and the Veneto. While vaccinations continue to be very high, yesterday almost 700 thousand doses administered. Among these, those concerning children are also growing and the Regions are worrying about a possible lack of vaccines. Today, however, further doses of the vaccine were distributed as had been communicated by General Figliuolo. Among the administrations carried out yesterday, the first doses were over 77 thousand.

Latest news, violence in Piazza Duomo: two stops

Two boys aged 18 and 21 were arrested yesterday in Turin and Milan, because they were accused by the investigators of being involved in the violence in Piazza Duomo in Milan, which took place on New Year’s Eve, against at least 9 girls. The Milanese prosecutor’s office arrested the two young men on charges of having committed “heavy, almost complete sexual violence accompanied by the robbery of cell phones and handbags”. According to what was explained by the acting Milanese prosecutor, Riccardo Torgetti, they are “second generation Italians”. Given the real danger of escape, the two measures were issued, also in the light of the “serious clues” that emerged. The two were tracked down on Tuesday 11 January 2022, and it seems they were about to escape.

Latest news, Djokovic faces 5 years in prison for forgery

It does not find the end word there story linked to Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open. The latest, reported by the Ansa agency citing The Sunday Morning Herald and The Age, tell of how the authorities of the country of kangaroos are analyzing some discrepancies in the information provided by the same Serbian tennis player number one in the world, and who admitted to having performed , through a member of his coaching staff, an incorrect travel declaration to enter Australia, and that he also violated the covid isolation in Serbia. As the media pointed out, the maximum sentence represents a sentence of up to 5 years. “We can reveal – write the Australian newspapers – that the investigation of the Department of Internal Affairs on the tennis star has been expanded to include his violation of the rules on isolation in Serbia, the erroneous statements on the entry form to Australia relating to travel and the inconsistencies on the date of his test for Covid-19 “.

Latest news, attack in Mogadishu: 8 dead

Eight dead and several injured yesterday in Mogadisco, capital of Somalia, following an attack. A suicide bomber in a car bomb blew himself up on the road leading to Ade Adden International Airport in the Waberi district. This was made known in the past few hours by the Somali police, who initially spoke of three casualties among military and civilians, the budget then worsened with the passing of the hours. The deputy mayor and security manager of the region, Yare Abdi, was saved and according to what reported by Somali radio Dalsan, the attackers were allegedly Somali militiamen of al-Shabab, linked to al-Qaeda. The target of the kamikaze attack, a United Nations convoy which included some foreign officials.

Latest news, Prince Andrea on trial

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s third son, will have to go to trial in New York, in the United States. The American judge rejected the request for dismissal against him, brought by the accuser Virginia Giuffré. The latter had accused the financier Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison, of abusing her when she was a minor, saying that she was forced to have sex with the Prince when she was only 17 years old. As reported by the woman, the Prince allegedly sexually assaulted her three times in 2001, precisely in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands.

Latest news, state funeral for David Sassoli

David Sassoli’s funeral will be held on Friday 14 January at 12.00 in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, with the mass celebrated by Cardinal Zuppi. Archbishop of Bologna. The CDM has deliberated the state funeral, which will also be attended by the President of the Republic and that of the European Council. The mayor of Prato will also be present at the funeral. In the meantime, tomorrow the funeral home will be set up at the Capitol from 10.00 to 18.00.

Latest news, Sicilian schools closed until Sunday

The mayors of Sicily, after having obtained the green light from the region, have decided the closure of schools until next Sunday to try to counter the spread of the coronavirus. The decision determined by the impossibility of having reliable data both on new infections and on tracing. The decision on the closure of the schools is left to the individual mayors, but from the first news received the adhesion to this proposal appears massive in all the provinces of Sicily.

Latest news, Salvini distances himself from Berlusconi

During a press conference held yesterday, the leader of the League distanced himself from the words of Silvio Berlusconi and confirmed that his group will remain part of the government with anyone who goes up to the Quirinale. The summit of the center-right parties in which the possible candidacies for the office of president of the republic will be discussed, should be held next Friday.

Latest news, M5S and Lega in pressing on the government for the expensive bills

Both the Giuseppe Conte group and the Lega group are in pressing on the government to solve the problem of high bills. The former Premier said that “the time is up” and refreshments must be put in place immediately. Minister Giorgetti has proposed to tax the extra profits that will be made by energy managers.


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