Spain: eight years in prison required against the singer Shakira for tax evasion

This Friday, July 29, the Barcelona prosecutor’s office announced that it would ask for more than eight years in prison for tax evasion against Colombian star Shakira, who refuses any agreement and says she is ready to go to trial.

Justice reproaches the interpreter of the hits “Hips don’t lie”, “Waka-Waka” Where “Loca” for not having declared his income to the Spanish tax authorities during the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

According to the prosecution, Shakira had been living in Spain since 2011, when her relationship with FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique was made public, but had maintained her tax residence in the Bahamas Islands, considered a tax haven, until 2015. The couple, who have two children, announced their separation in June.

“Justice will prove him right”

For their part, Shakira’s lawyers believe that until 2014 most of her income came from her international tours and that she did not live more than six months a year in Spain, a condition required to establish her tax residence. in the country.

The Colombian singer who claims her innocence, said Wednesday that she would refuse to seal an agreement with the prosecution, saying she preferred ” to chase “ the proceedings until the trial. The singer says to herself “confident that justice will prove him right”had indicated his advice in a press release.

Justice must now decide on the holding of a trial and its date.


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