Spain, possible epidemiological monitoring from pandemic to endemic

Data recording pursues two classes of objectives on the basis of their origin.

Data collected from guest visitors

The first class of purpose is related to the data that is collected from all visitors on the pages of the site. The principle that governs the storage of such information in the archive is the control of the public’s approval of the news item’s offer. Editorial planning pursues the general purpose of meeting the favor of readers in satisfying the cognitive and axiological needs relating to the understanding of contemporary social, political and cultural reality. The monitoring of user behavior makes it possible to recognize the information urgencies most felt by the public, with the aim of welcoming them and filling them in the most effective way possible.

In detail, therefore, the first class of purpose can be analyzed as follows:

  • activation of Google Analytics services
  • statistical reading of user behavior and properties for the optimization of the editorial plan and the improvement of the service to the public;
  • aggregation of data for statistical marketing examinations.

The treatments put in place for these purposes are based on a legitimate interest of the Data Controller.

Data provided by registered users

Registered users have a privileged relationship with GSG. The collection of data allows to ensure the profiling services necessary to personalize the representation of the contents. In addition to managing the personalization mechanisms, user registration allows you to activate the writing mechanisms at various levels of privilege: from commenting to post editing in the Brains community.

In detail, the objectives of this data class are:

  • profiling and personalization of the service
  • access to the writing platform
  • aggregation of data for statistical marketing examinations
  • optional sending of newsletters and alerts

The treatments put in place for these purposes are carried out with the specific consent provided by the user during registration.

With the explicit consent of the interested party, such data may be used for commercial purposes (advertising, promotional and marketing) by GSG or third-party companies.

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