Spanish cinema, ‘Avatar’ and Steven Spielberg will come to the rescue of the autumn box office

With the box office so far this year at 65% of the average collected between 2015 and 2019, according to data from the consulting firm Comscore, autumn can be the lifeline of theaters in this 2022 and brings a barrage of Spanish cinema, sequels to ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Avatar’, the ‘biopic’ of Marilyn ‘Blonde’ or the latest from Spielberg and David O. Russell. We review some titles of the next four months.

In September Paco Leon will premiere, in theaters and later on Netflix, its free and contemporary version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Rainbow’, starring Dora Postigo, while Alberto Rodriguez will offer his vision of the mass escape from Barcelona’s Modelo prison in 1977 in ‘Model 77’with Miguel Herrán and Javier Gutiérrez leading the cast.

‘On the margins’a film about evictions, is the directorial debut of Juan Diego Botto, with a protagonist and luxury producer, Penélope Cruz. And ‘Oswald, the forger’, a documentary by Kike Maíllo about Oswald Aulstia Bach, a Catalan artist persecuted by the FBI for one of the biggest art forgery plots in recent decades.

David Cronenberg will present his disturbing and dystopian ‘crimes of the future‘, in which Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux perform a live body surgery show with Kristen Stewart in the rear. And Ana de Armas will demonstrate her Marilyn’s talents in blonde, the adaptation of the novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Sony proposes an extended version of ‘Spiderman no way home’ to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the superhero. And a musical pearl, ‘Moonage day-dream’, about the legacy of David Bowie, directed by Brett Morgen.

Already in October, Barbara Lennie will play Alice Gould. the researcher admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the novel ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ (1979), which Oriol Paulo brought to the screen. And Nahuel Pérez Biscayart will be Ramón González, a survivor of the Bataclan attacks, in ‘One year, one night’, by Isaki Lacuesta, which competed at the Berlinale. Jaime Rosales has Anna Castillo in his seventh feature film, ‘Wild Sunflowers’, about a young mother who is looking for love and fights to protect her children and Carlota Pereda talks about bullying in ‘Cerdita’, a feature debut that debuted at Sundance.

Also premiering in October is the adaptation of ‘The skin of the drum’ by Arturo Pérez Reverte and a road comedy by Álex de la Iglesia, ‘The fourth passenger’, with Blanca Suárez, Alberto San Juan and Ernesto Alterio.

Another Spaniard, Javier Bardem, will voice the protagonist of the animated film ‘Lilo, my friend the crocodile’. In addition, Prime Video will launch ‘Argentina 1985’, a film by Santiago Miter starring Ricardo Darín about the investigation of the crimes of the military dictatorship.

In November and December

In November Christian Bale, Margot Robbie or Robert de Niro are just some of the names of the stellar cast of ‘Amsterdam’. David O. Russell’s new film is a story about three friends involved in a secret plot in 1930s America.

Steven Spielberg will premiere ‘The Fabelmans’, a film inspired by his own childhood, with Michelle Williams and Paul Dano in the cast. Russell Crowe will play boxer Jem Belcher in ‘The Forging of a Champion’ and Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan will be the ‘New York Times’ journalists who uncovered the Weinstein scandal in ‘Uncovered’.

As for Spanish cinema, it will be the month of Carlos Vermut with ‘Manticore’, a story “of love and monsters”; by Rodrigo Sorogoyen with the rural thriller ‘As bestas’, with a script by Isabel Peña from Zaragoza; and Cesc Gay with the urban choral comedy ‘Historias para no Cuenta’.

In the month of December and with the last throes of autumn, the sequel to ‘A full train’ by Santiago Segura, the new horror film by Jaume Balagueró, ‘Venus’, or the new installment of ‘Avatar’, set more than a decade after the first film.

From Aragón, from Labordeta to Pilar Palomero

On September 23, ‘Labordeta, un hombre sin más’ hits theaters, directed by Paula Labordeta and Gaizka Urresti, and screenplay by Miguel Mena and Ángela Labordeta. After several years of intense work, they have opted for an essentially intimate and familiar portrait of Labordeta, in light of the discovery of an unknown diary of the singer-songwriter.

The Zaragoza-born filmmaker Pilar Palomero, after the success of ‘Las Niñas’, will premiere ‘La Maternal’ in cinemas in November, but before that she will compete at the San Sebastian Festival for the Silver Shell. Pilar says that it has once again been a spectacular shoot, that she has felt very supported by the team and that she empathized very well with the actresses. “I had a wonderful time preparing the documentation. It is a subject that at first seemed somewhat distant to me. I have studied it, I have talked to many women and I have seen that it is a serious problem. Human stories are moving », she says. She acknowledges that, almost by chance, some themes have been imposed: adolescence, sexuality and motherhood, both from the condition of mother and daughter. “I have no problem with her, ha ha ha. She has been a constant support in my life and in my cinema ».

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