Spanish Majorica opens its first store in the United States in Miami

Centennial Spanish pearl company Majorica inaugurated its first flagship store in the United States this Thursday at Aventura Mall, north of Miami.Didier Gruppos, general director of the Mallorcan company, told Efe that it was the “first big step” in its expansion into the country.

“This is Majorica’s first store in the United States. Majorica has been sold in this country for many years, but always through other outlets., And now we’ve decided to take a bigger step and go directly to our customers,” Gruppos said today.

Majorcan company with more than 130 years of history (founded in 1890) aims to This first own store serves as a starting point for its expansion in “the next few years in the United States”.A country where it had a branch in the early 20th century, notably in New York.

Balearic artisan jewelery seeks to take advantage of the ‘retro’ charm of the fashion for pearls, which is a trend at the momentAnd “go straight” to the customer who knows the quality of the brand and the durability of its products – the company gives a 10-year guarantee on all its pearls.

Model and singer aim for pearl necklace

In fact, today pearls have become a traditional, classic accessory. fashionable item among young people, even among models and singers such as Harry Styles, Maluma or Rosalia, Without becoming a jewel that “passes down from generation to generation”, Gruppos explained.

We want to bring Moti into the 21st century,” he emphasizes.

And he emphasizes that the qualities that distinguish and separate Majorica artisanal and organic (non-cultivated) pearls from other pearls found in jewelry stores are their “quality, resistance, and durability.” Innovative Design”.

it was after covid-19 pandemic that the Balearic Company began to consider the possibility of opening a first branch in MiamiGruppos explains, after verifying through their website’s online page, that “there is a potential market in the United States, who knows us, especially the Latin American population.”

And Miami is, without a doubt, a melting pot of cultures and “wealth of origin,” he says, The ideal place to start this new business trip to Majorca in the United States,

Are Majorica today sells more than 700 different models of pearl accessories.However the “essentials”, as Gruppos describes them, that cannot be missing from a woman’s night table are the traditional pearl necklace and loose pearls.

A pearl that “people immediately recognize”

Thus The organic pearls of Majorca have become one of the most famous not only in Spain, but also outside its borders., the connoisseur knows how to appreciate its “high quality”, its “iridescence” as a result of a unique and complex process of reproduction of natural pearls. On this issue, he says, “people recognize Majorica pearls immediately.”

He The manufacturing process of these unique pearls is not devoid of mystery.With a technology developed by the company itself which is kept with a certain secret.

Gruppos explains that the “special” manufacturing process of Majorica pearls is done on an opaline base (a refined crystal) that is covered with a “The secret solution of organic ingredients that is the art of Majorca” in which various baths are applied, Thus, “the visual impact is equal to or better than that of a cultured pearl,” he says.

Majorica sells its jewelry products in 119 countries and has 1,500 sales outlets around the world.With a large presence in Mexico and Latin America and now with great growth potential in Asia.

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