Spanish words, pronunciation and scientific: solutions for today, November 17

We help you solve each hidden word in Wordle challenges, both the general challenge, the accented challenge and the scientific challenge.

More Wordle challenges are now available. As always, we give you solutions for common modalities as well as pronunciation and scientific modalities, and we also provide you with some clues so that you can overcome them without looking at our solutions.

And once again we help you solve each hidden word in the game. WordleFirst giving you clues so you can participate and finally the solution to each of them.

The structure is the same as always, we tell you how each element works puzzle Of spanish wordleSimilar but not identical, we provide you with several clues that we believe are more than enough for your solution Word,

That’s why you have to try different words to solve each puzzle and thus find the solution in Wordle Spanish.

Spanish words, pronunciation and scientific solutions for today, November 17

In this guide we help you find Solutions to all hidden Wordle words in Spanish, general challenge, challenge with pronunciation and scientific challengeProvides you with clues for each of them.

Common Wordle in Spanish 680: Clue and Solution for the Word of November 17, 2023

First we will tell you how to play:

  • You have to find the hidden word in maximum six attempts
  • Each attempt must be an existing word in the dictionary and be five characters long.
  • For each attempt the color of the letters will show whether it is correct or not, enter the following: If the background of the letter is green it means you have guessed the letter and its position; If its background is yellow it means the letter is inside the word but you have not found the right position; If the background is gray it means the letter is not present within the solution.


  • To say that something does not exist, is not true, or is not what one believes or claims.
  • There are two vowels in it.


You are about to know the solution to the general challenge, a solution that you will see in the next paragraph so do not continue reading if you still do not want to know what word it is.

We’ve warned you, and there’s a solution to the common challenge in Spanish:


Wordle with pronunciation in Spanish 627: clues and solutions for the word of November 17, 2023

How to play:

  • Solution word can have 4 to 7 letters
  • There is a letter inside the word solution which is pronounced
  • accented vowels are independent of normal vowels


  • To be surprised or frightened by some strange object or event.
  • Start with A.
  • One O is pronounced.


You are going to know the solution of Wordle with Accent, and it will be available for your keeping in mind in the next paragraph.

We’ve already warned you, the solution to this pronunciation challenge is the following:


Wordle in Scientific Spanish 614: Clue and Solution for the Word of November 17, 2023

First let us tell you how to play:

  • Same process as previous one
  • Solution word is 3 to 8 letters long
  • The word solution is related to science


  • Migraine, recurrent and intense headache, located on one side of the head and related to vascular alterations of the brain.
  • There are three notes in it.
  • Contains an Ñ.


Below you will find Wordle’s solution in scientific Spanish, and you will find it in the next paragraph, so you have already been warned.

The solution is the following just below this line:


With this we already have Solutions of Wordle in Spanish in both Normal Mode, Accent Mode and Scientific Mode on November 17, 2023And tomorrow you will have them for November 18th.

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