Specialists question the hiring of Cuban doctors

Medical specialists questioned the intention of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to hire 500 Cuban doctors to reduce the “backlog” that exists in our country and, in parallel, criticized the presidential announcement to acquire the Cuban Abdala vaccine against Covid-19 to apply it to children between the ages of two and 11.

In separate interviews, specialists Xavier Tello, Alejandro Macías Y Hector Rosette They said that Mexico does not have to hire Cuban doctors because they have enough and are unemployed, and many of them even risked their lives to face the coronavirus pandemic.

Rosette considered it ridiculous to seek to hire foreign doctors when there are many unemployed specialists in the country: “Mexico does not have a shortage of doctors, on the contrary, there are many unemployed; more formal and well-paid jobs are required for them.

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“It is a pity that in the speech we are praised and in the facts we are forgotten. Hiring doctors from abroad is a mockery for the Mexican medical union, ”she stressed.

Xavier Tello He mentioned that the Mexican government has a charm for its Cuban counterpart, therefore, the approach in health matters by the federal administration.

“The pretext for giving money to the Cuban government is to hire 500 doctors who are not needed. Mexico it has enough doctors, what they need is to be hired in adequate conditions, they are telling us that they prefer to hire Cuban doctors because they will be cheap,” he stressed.

Alexander Macias He agreed that there is no need for foreign doctors in Mexico and that Mexican specialists should be hired instead.

“In Mexico, the truth is that there is no shortage of doctors; in the country there are plenty of unemployed doctors, there are many, they could undergo training for the jobs that have to be done and give them a job with decent remuneration. The truth is that we do not need more, I insist, there are many doctors who do not have a job, ”he stressed.

Cuban vaccine

Regarding the announcement that Mexico will acquire the Cuban Abdalá vaccine against Covid-19 to apply it to children from two to 11 years old, specialists question that this biological does not have the certification of the World Health Organization (WHO) and, therefore, they doubt its effectiveness, since it has not been endorsed anywhere in the world to apply to minors.

Xavier Tello, surgeon and consultant in health communication, considered that although the Cuban Abdala vaccine is not dangerous and may have acceptable safety rates, efficacy data is lacking, as he reiterated that all doses have different phases of investigation that are published and endorsed by specialists.

“The only vaccine that has proven efficacy and safety has been the Pfizer vaccine, which is why they have given it authorization for emergency use by the FDA and the European Drug and Medicines Commission, because it is the one that at scientific levels has managed to publish these results”, he explained.

He explained that the Abdala vaccine —which was carried out in Cuba, in a research center that they have and have been supplying it for months in the general population and in children— “it may have an acceptable safety index, I don’t think the vaccine is dangerous; however, what we do not have is the efficacy data.”

He mentioned that with the little information provided by the Cuban government about its vaccine, Cofepris will probably endorse it without having scientific evidence.

Alejandro Macías, infectologist and former commissioner against influenza in the country, considered that one should be wary of the Cuban vaccine, since it does not have enough studies: “We know that it has been applied in the field, but we do not have enough studies of its effectiveness or with the authorization of the WHO”.

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Abdullah’s presence

The Cuban government authorized its emergency use, despite not having the endorsement of the WHO.

Since October 2021, Abdala has an emergency use authorization for children over two years of age.

In September 2021, Cuba announced that it would export Abdala to Vietnam.

The same month, doses of Abdala were sent to Venezuela, where children were immunized with the vaccine.

In October of that same year, Nicaragua began vaccinating with Abdala and with the biological Soberana.

In December of the same year, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines became the first Caribbean State to put the Abdala into use.

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