Spectacular Grandeur at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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10 September 2023

On Friday night, a contingent of vans transported celebrities to the docks of the Brooklyn Navy Yard for Ralph Lauren’s return to the runway in a spectacular show in the vast East River Hangar.

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Jennifer Lopez attended the event with two giant bodyguards and two stylist friends, sitting between Julianne Moore and Diane Keaton, wearing a top hat worthy of Annie Hall. The three stars were accompanied by David and Ricky Lauren.

Robin Wright, Sheryl Crow, Laura Dern, Gabrielle Union, Li Bingbing, Rachel Brosnahan, Pom Klementieff and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu were behind, in a series of ecru, gold and beige looks.

Many people think that Ralph Lauren only creates classic fashion, but this spectacular show was a reminder that the cornerstone of his DNA is washed-out gentility, a look that still has the power to create fashion moments of great beauty, as That it was a parade.

The spring/summer 2024 collection was presented inside the Navy Yard, a highly guarded area. The event was held in a performance space decorated in a classic blend of Soho artist’s loft, New England barn, and Rocky Mountain ranch. A fine example of a classy dressing setting.

On the walls hung huge, faded curtains, made of rough wooden planks, reminiscent of Ralph’s ranch in Colorado. Clouds of chandeliers illuminated the show, where guests sat on chairs decorated in random colors.

This collection was in harmony with the environment. The show opened with faded denim pants, floral-print blazers, corsets paired with beautiful hippie bead necklaces and trains with trains. The collection suggests a bohemian Wild West wedding: John Ford meets Ralph Lauren.

Suddenly changing gears, Ralph presented elegant creations with gold lamé dresses paired with romantic white silk pantsuits and military jackets or an officer’s jacket made of glove leather.

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The parade’s soundtrack featured a mix of classic seasonal period By The Zombies with a touch of Carla Bruni, referencing Ralph’s love of the French genre. This was also evident in his creations for the evening, where he played with the colors of Yves Saint Laurent (emerald, khaki, turquoise and imperial Roman purple), although on Ralph’s terms, using them in harem pants, skirts and fluid dresses. . Of perfect cut.

The show reached its peak when Natalia Vodianova paraded in a gold Comanche princess dress and Christy Turlington earned huge applause in an artfully draped one-shoulder gold Greek goddess dress.

Dressed in a khaki Da Nang vet-style shirt and faded cargo pants, Ralph bent briefly, and gestured gently as the barn door opened to reveal a beautiful dining room. The entire audience stood up in applause for what was sure to be the show and collection of the New York season.

The eclectically glamorous audience included Amanda Seyfried, Emma Roberts, James Marsden, singer Crystal Jung, Leo Woodall. white lotus and Burmese hip hop singer Yan Yan Chan. Among the influencers are Leia Szasz, Camila Coelho, Cara Delevingne, Leonie Hannay, Marianne Hewitt, Nicole Warne and Sofia Richie Grainge.

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Enjoying a cocktail, Keri Russell, who plays the United States Ambassador to Great Britain in the Netflix series DiplomatEven found time for an informal chat with New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Lauren organized the dinner surf and turf Grilled lobster from their own farm with salad and RRL filet mignon. The dinner was celebrated with a gorgeous candle display featuring Lauren’s home goods: RL Linen napkins, fine china with gold rims, beautiful carved glasses and a beautiful blue floral tablecloth.

“Torn elegance,” was Ralph’s brief summary of the show and evening.

“You know, if you’re going to organize an event like this, you better do it right. Use all your best elements to say exactly what you think,” commented Ralph.

In a word, Lauren is the shining light of fashion, a frail older man who walks slowly but with a fighting spirit and complete control over his work, smiling quietly as he enjoys the obvious happiness of his guests at the evening. . The latest expression of modern elegance from America’s greatest living designer.

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