Spectacular sunset in Barcelona this Saturday with spring temperatures

sunset They are usually events that mesmerize those who contemplate them. But in coastal cities located in the east they are not visible very well, because the sun sets in the west.

However, there are times when abundant clouds help turn the sky red and orange, simulating celestial fire, as it approaches the horizon.

To understand why this happens, we need to take into account Sunlight is made up of different colors, And when that light passes through Earth’s atmosphere, it acts as a medium that scatters sunlight at different wavelengths, and this process is most evident at dawn and dusk.

During the day, when the Sun is higher in the sky, sunlight has to pass through less of the atmosphere before reaching the Earth’s surface. Under these circumstances, the atmosphere preferentially scatters shorter wavelengths (such as blue and violet tones); This is why we see blue sky.

light dispersion

However, at sunset, the sun is low on the horizon And sunlight has to pass through a greater amount of atmosphere before reaching our eyes. During this journey through the atmosphere, shorter wavelengths (blue and violet) tend to spread and scatter more, while longer wavelengths (red and orange) are less affected by this scattering.

the resulting, red and orange colors They become more prominent in the sky during sunset, creating beautiful warm colors. This phenomenon is also known as Rayleigh scattering And is responsible for the variation of colors in the sky at different times of the day.

when we see one sunset in a foggy dayThe redness is even more obvious, because the particles forming the haze scatter blue light very effectively.

beautiful sunset

That’s what happened in Barcelona this Saturday, when at sunset, around 5:30 p.m., the beautiful show Captured by meteorologist Alfonso Puertas Fabra ObservatoryA privileged enclave from where the entire city of Barcelona can be observed.

Puertas is a meteorologist who usually takes beautiful photos from his privileged position. This week he photographed Sierra Day Tramuntana of MajorcaA strange image that is quite common, especially during the autumn and winter months, when weather conditions allow to ‘bridge’ the distance (200 kilometres) and the Balearic Islands become ‘closer’ to Barcelona.


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