Spider Man No Way Home: Tom Holland & Zendaya, two superstars

Passing through Paris when the film was released in French cinemas, Tom Holland alias Spider Man/Peter Parker, and Zendaya who plays Mary Jane, his girlfriend, were kind enough to confide in this thrilling adventure. Accomplice and available, the couple on the screen as in the city radiated happiness.

What’s new in this new Spider-Man adventure?

Tom Holland: Many things ! But the most important thing is that the film introduces for the first time the notion of “multiverse” which allows Spider-Man to meet other versions of himself. (from previous film adaptations of the superhero, editor’s note) and other characters from alternate worlds.

Zendaya: Approaching the “multiverse” is a bit like opening Pandora’s box. Once opened, it is very difficult to close it. Everything becomes very exciting but also very complicated. During the shooting, for example, I needed to take breaks in order to clarify certain points with the director to understand the meaning of what we were shooting.

TH: The ambition of Spider-Man: No Way Home is much more important than in the previous films. When I first read the script, it seemed impossible to do, it was like wanting to climb Everest completely naked!

Z.: Impossible ! (Laugh.)

The storyline picks up where the second film left off. Now the whole world knows the true identity of Spider-Man. Is this a frontal way of talking about the consequences of fame?

TH: Yes, it was a very important element for me. I’ve been a fan of the character and this universe since I was 6 years old. I’ve been playing Spider-Man since I was 19. Today, I am 25 years old and I grew up with him, he changed my life. It seems very important to me to recognize myself in him and to find common ground. The weight of fame is one. In the film, fame is approached in a genuine and less glamorous way than in other films, where being famous was presented as a blessing. But that’s not always the case, there are a lot of things you can’t do when you become famous.

By trying not to “be” it any more in a radical way, the character is lost. Isn’t that a bit paradoxical?

T.H. : Whether ! (Laugh.) Besides, the consequence of his action will go horribly wrong.

The character of MJ (Mary Jane) takes the lead and becomes a much more important protagonist than in previous games…

Z.: And for good reason, in the first film, I barely had three minutes on screen. Well, it’s normal, with a small actor, a small role… (Smiles mischievously.) You know what I mean… Aside from the fact that today I finally got some lines, I would say it’s been fun watching my character evolve. I believe that, from the start, the production knew that the love story between MJ and Peter Parker was going to grow in importance, that they both had a destiny to fulfill and that they were going to grow together.

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