Spielberg recovers his crown in a night of high-profile absences and resounding defeats

In the jargon of screenwriters there is a term known as “lampshading” (in Spanish, the lampshade) which consists of point out a deficiency in order to deactivate its disapproval. Serve as an example to illustrate the phrase “I’m here because I’m black” used by the African-American comedian Jerrod Carmichael to begin his presentation of the 80th edition of the Golden Globes, which left us this list of film awards and this list of series awards.

In this strategy of stating the obvious, we can summarize the limbo of ostracism to which the industry subjected the awards of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) last year for its notorious lack of diversity and more than obvious ethical problems. In 2023 the slogan was to consider the issue closed and so it was. The self-proclaimed ‘Oscar prelude’ had a back-to-normal gala as lackluster as we’re used to film award ceremonies in our days.

Although a considerable number of stars decided to signify forgiveness to the HFPA with their presence, they were some Golden Globes marked by high-profile absences of many winners: Cate Blanchett, Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Kevin Costner… None of them was present to collect their respective awards; all with professional or meteorological excuses (hilarious the explanation of Regina Hall about the latter), but it is not difficult to read the declaration of intent.

Eddie Murphy, with Honorary Golden Globe, Cecil B. DeMille Award

Not everything is fixed by doing a joke about the three Golden Globes that Tom Cruise returned last year. Brendan Fraser, victim of violence in the past, kept his word and did not go to the gala. There was no need to broach the subject because the hip movements of Austin Butler in Elvis were the winners in the category where the actor from The whale. A defeat as famous as that of Ana de Armas, whose Marilyn Monroe’s Blonde could not with Blanchett’s hurricane in TÁR. Is the one that has been giving as Oscar safe for years in danger?

Everyone is happy, nothing has happened

throughout the gala the desire to please everyone who wanted to be recognized was noted. Prizes distributed between almost each title with possible left in borage water the joyous triumphs of michelle yeoh Y Ke Huy Quan to Everything at once everywhere or the surprise of Steven Spielberg suddenly finding himself with the big prizes of the night: best direction and best dramatic film for The Fabelmans.

If you have to choose a winner, that’s it. Banshees of Inisherin. With its three big prizes (best comedy, best screenplay and best Colin Farrel… sorry, best actor for Colin Farrell), the film of Martin McDonald It comes out reinforced as a steamroller for the Oscars. Y Farrell, as a consummate seducer; from the audience, from his colleagues and even from Ana de Armas, who did not win the Golden Globe but was praised by the actor live. That has to make you win votes among academics for sure.

Colin Farrell, when picking up the Golden Globe from Ana de Armas

The prizes for the series were also tediously distributed, although Abbott College forcefully prevailed in the elections that would have excited the internet (sorry fans of Jenna Ortega Y Selena Gomez). Luckily, despite this irregularity that is not questioned about considering The White Lotus a miniseries, thanks to Jennifer Coolidge she resumed her character we were able to enjoy the actress twice on stage: first delivering an award she called an Oscar, then picking up her Golden Globe.

It was a little breather between thank you speeches read from mobiles dodging WhatsApp notifications, a video intervention by the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky Presented by Sean Penn which denoted more made-up toll for the gallery than commitment of any kind, lackluster presentations and a constant feeling that the piano shortened speeches but the prizes did not end. Until Ricardo Darin he had to be concise thanking the Argentina, 1985.

Since Guillermo del Toro went up for the prize of his pinocchio and commented on the drunkenness of the room until Mike White did the same when picking up the The White Lotus saying that It had been a while since only drinks were served hours passed that led to imploring an ellipsis like the one that allowed us to see two Rhaenyras embracing on stage (Emma D’Arcy Y Milly Alcock) with the prize for The dragon house.

It was another king, once considered the Midas of Hollywood, who He left the Beverly Hilton ‘coronao’. Steven Spielberg took two Golden Globes, public thanks from the stage (it was even joked that he is the only one capable of leading Kanye West) and a recognition that at this point in his career already seemed alien to him. Or not so much? Last year, your West Side Story won the Golden Globe for best musical. But nobody paid attention to the prizes because it was what it was.

Golden Globes 2023: latest news minute by minute

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Golden Globes 2023 live: latest red carpet news and winners

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