Spiritwalker, Your New Favorite Korean Movie, Is Like Memento Meets Jason Bourne

Hello GQ. I have found out that Movistar premieres spirit walker, a Korean thriller that I’ve heard a lot about. How is it?

It’s damn entertaining, of course. It is as if the director and screenwriter Yoon Jae-geun had raised a high concept worthy of capturing our undivided attention…and then he would have refused to take his foot off the accelerator.

And what is that high concept?

The film has been defined as a cross between mementoby Christopher Nolan, and the Jason Bourne saga, with a few drops of John Woo (particularly, Face to face) and a Groundhog Day vibe (you know what genre of movies we mean by that) to round out the experience.

Sounds good. How do all these elements come together?

His start already makes it clear: an impeccably dressed man wakes up in a car that has just suffered a spectacular accident. The only thing he knows about what could have happened to him is that he has a gunshot wound. Otherwise, he is in a state of absolute amnesia.

Hmm, interesting. So the rest of the movie is a race for possible clues to his identity?

It seems that way for a few minutes, but then Jae-geun plays his wildest card and, well, you understand why he chose a title like spirit walker.

What are you talking about?

Because our protagonist wakes up in a different body every twelve hours.


When twelve o’clock at night or noon arrives, it’s time to jump to a different flesh and blood guest. Fortunately, the body changes do not imply a complete reset of her memory, but rather that she continues to remember everything from the car accident.

And this premise is explained at the end?

Yes and no. It is clear that it is one of those films designed to be analyzed through several viewings (in that sense, the reference to Nolan is not trivial), but the truth is that spirit walker it does not fit all the pieces of the puzzle even looking at it upside down. He prefers to have fun without respite than to close everything in a satisfactory way on a rational level.

Isn’t that a bit unsatisfying?

It depends on what you are looking for… If you value the journey more than the destination, then this Korean thriller is made for you.

Can you recommend other similar ones?

Not a thriller, but the 2015 movie The Beauty Inside, based on an American webseries starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace, is also about a man who wakes up in a different body every few hours. The interesting thing is that spirit walker it will go the other way.


Well, they have already announced an American remake. Its producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, is a specialist in blockbusters. In fact, he is the main responsible for the saga transformerswhich gives you a little idea of ​​the plans that Hollywood has for this little fantasy-noir story set in Seoul.

Is there already a star associated with the project?

Not yet, but this concept is so flexible that we can imagine almost any actor or actress in the lead role. In the original, the forgetful protagonist is played by Yoon Kye-sang, a former member of a K-Pop group that now does not stop making series and movies. We bet on someone of the Channing Tatum style for the North American version, although we would not be surprised at all to see a Florence Pough.

But it’s better to watch the original movie first, right?

Yes, if only to show off when the remake is released.

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