Spite songs before Shakira’s session with Bizarrap

In 2003 and 2004, when Don Omar and Ángel released Poor devil Y Even whenmany girls left their lungs singing the lyrics of these hits of reggaeton. “How long are you going to make her suffer? Do you think she doesn’t know? You go out into the street and arrive at dawn. You’re going to lose it,” said one of them. “Poor devil, it is said that she has seen you wandering down the street, crying for a man who is not worth a penny. Poor devil, cry for a poor devil”, said the other. The Latin spite songs that were heard on the radio formula had, mainly, a male voice. They were men talking about how cheated women felt.

But in 2005 the K-Nariasa group consisting of two sisters who became known for their song Dont get dressed, you are not going: “I no longer want to continue with you, with you I lived a punishment. You ended my life, you preferred my friend”, they intoned.

The spiteful songs that Shakira already composed

As it explains lydia garcia, a researcher at the University of Murcia specializing in popular culture, copla and feminisms, “spite is a universal theme”. That is to say, before Shakira in the session #53 of the Argentine producer Bizarrap, many others —also others— did it before. “It was common in the couplet for the artists to choose a repertoire that matched a little with the sentimental situation that the folkloric was going through at that time.” Too ruben serranoa journalist specializing in pop culture, points out that Shakira’s song dedicated to Piqué “is nothing new”: “These rants [embestidas] against their exes they have been marked from Ed Sheeran to C. Tanganagoing through Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift”.

Shakira herself has a whole repertoire of spiteful songs in her discography. I know you’ll come back the day she tears you to pieces, with no pillows to cry on. But if you have made up your mind and you don’t want me anymore, nothing can matter now, ”she sang in If you go. “I am going to ask you not to come back anymore, I feel that you still hurt me here, inside. And that at your age you know well what it is to break the heart of someone like that ”, she intoned in Not.

“A wolf like me is not for newbies, a wolf like me is not for guys like you”, Shakira sings now in the last session of Bizarrap. “It’s going to become one of the spite songs par excellence,” says journalist and analyst Rubén Serrano. “Spite is universal and intergenerational. Of the pop divas we have Malú, who is the Spanish queen of spite with songs like Apprenticebut also to Merche or Chenoa”.

Beyoncé and her ‘Lemonade’, but also Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake

And in the Anglo-Saxon world? They highlight, for example, Adele, Beyonce or Taylor Swift. “So Jay-Z was unfaithful to Beyoncé and, after a while in silence, Beyoncé appears with a great album dedicated to him called lemonade. Which is like: life has given me lemons, I make lemonade. In the song sorry of that record, Beyoncé says: “He better call Becky with the good hair” [será mejor que llame a Becky, la del buen pelo], in reference to the girl Jay-Z had cuckolded him with. It’s like: I feel humiliated worldwide, because I take and profit and I capitalize on this and make a goddess album”, explains Rubén Serrano.

Taylor Swift is another paradigmatic example of the ‘despechá’ subgenre, as Rosalía would say. “There is no album of his that is not dedicated to an ex. One of the most explicit references is the song stylededicated to her ex Harry Styles, who is also assumed to have dedicated Out of the woods. But be careful, they do it too: from C. Tangana with you stopped loving mewhich is the most obvious, going through issues of spite of Leiva or Maluma, as well as Ed Sheeran and Joaquín Sabina”, points out Serrano. And a masculine classic of spite is Cry me a riverof Justin Timberlakededicated to his ex Britney Spears, about which at that time, after the breakup, he even talked about his sex life in the occasional interview.

For this journalist, spite songs “humanize divas”, especially when they are songs explicitly against exes”, something that “repels more listeners, more visibility, more reproductions”. “In other words, anger and capitalism go hand in hand, that’s the way it is,” adds Serrano. “Women bill”, acknowledges Shakira. olivia rodrigofor example, he triumphed with his debut single drivers license, breaking several records on Spotify, Amazon Music and the US charts. The fans analyzed that and the songs that Rodrigo would later publish on his album sour thinking about the relationship he supposedly had with Joshua Bassett, his co-star in the series High School Musical from Disney+. The open secret is that Rodrigo and Bassett were together until he began dating fellow actress Sabrina Carpenter.

In drivers license, Rodrigo sings: “And now you’re probably with that blonde girl, the one that always made me doubt, she’s much older than me, she represents everything I feel insecure about.” A reference to Sabrina Carpenter.

Rocío Jurado or those who have already done it before

As the researcher Lidia García, author of the podcast and the essay Oh, Bells!there is a whole tradition about spite in the Spanish songbook: “Concha Piquer did it, but also Rocío Jurado who brings out the song That man shortly after her break with Pedro Carrasco”. “He is a great fool, a conceited, selfish and capricious stupid, a vain, unconscious and conceited clown, false, dwarf, spiteful, who has no heart”, sang the folkloric.

the Pantoja He always does this by putting in some songs that can be linked to his personal life. On his last album, he took songs from Juan Gabriel’s classic repertoire and his trial had just happened, so he chose some songs that spoke of spite and that would be directed at Julián Muñoz ”, continues Lidia García.

The researcher and disseminator points out that “in the corpus of the couplet, it must be taken into account that there was not so much of a theme of spite due to a breakup.”

“Think that there were not so many because there were no divorces then. But there is a revenge subgenre. Since they couldn’t carry it out, they channeled it through music. It was not just a matter of disappointment in love, but it usually entails a social discredit, for example, single mothers, women who had been abandoned… It was not only the drama of heartbreak, but the social and economic position in which they were left”, García highlights, pointing out the difference with the current moment in which Shakira has published her song.

Spite songs in the current urban genre

Filthy rat, creeping animal, dregs of life, ugly badly done, subhuman. specter of hell, damned vermin, how much damage have you done to me”, he sang Paquita of the neighborhood in 2004. A topic they cite Karol G and Becky G in their joint theme Mommy: “Two-legged rat, Paquita said it, a creeping animal”, sing the two G’s. This song is supposedly dedicated to Karol G’s ex, Anuel AA.

In that same song, from 2022, the two artists sing: “I left you the reviewsI didn’t give you a single star and I forgot you because you didn’t leave a mark”. It is the same year in which Rosalía has published get rid ofand shortly before, in 2021, two other queens, Becky G and Natty Natasha, they sing: “A lot of chain, a lot of pods, but that didn’t work for you. You had a queen in front of you but you didn’t see her”. In this song, in addition, the two singers wink at one of the quintessential male spite songs, She lifted me up (2007), from daddy yankee, where the Puerto Rican artist said: “Cry, baby, cry, cry, those who play are left alone.” On the theme of Becky G and Natty Natasha, Ram Pam PamThey say, “Cry, baby, cry, cry, everyone’s got a replacement.”

One of the criticized aspects of Shakira’s theme in session #53 of Bizarrap is that she not only shoots Piqué, but also Clara Chía, the woman with whom the soccer player would have been unfaithful. But to get even for that, we have bad gyal with Foxin which she allies herself with other ‘despechás’: “You screwed up with all of us, you thought we wouldn’t tell each other”.

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