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The start of the league 1 It had to be postponed due to security issues in the country. Although this event seems to have a solution soon, what is still unresolved is the possibility that the tournament starts without eight clubs, including Alianza Lima, Universitario de Deportes, Melgar, Cienciano, Binacional, Municipal, Cusco FC and Sport Boys. Therefore, for Joel Raffothis decision obeys other interests.

in dialogue with PTRthe president of Sporting Cristal He stated that the position of the clubs could cause more harm than good, for which he urged people to think about the good of Peruvian football. “Football has to prevail, all the clubs must make the effort so that it is played above all else”, he indicated.

To this, he added that “There are other interests that are summoning Peruvian soccer. To the FPF as an institution beyond people. There are clubs that are lending themselves so that a third party can violate the sustainability of Peruvian footballand that, Sporting Cristal nor other clubs can allow it”.

Likewise, regarding the delay for the start of the Opening Tournament, the head honcho of the celestial cast expressed that they will be governed by what the National Police and the IPD have designated. “According to the rules, according to the law, we were ready to play on Saturday, but we have to wait for what happens, we respect the authorities”.

Sporting Cristal He was scheduled to debut this Saturday against Cantolao at the Alberto Gallardo. However, this meeting, as well as that of the other teams, had to be rescheduled, given the possibility of acts of violence occurring in the massive call this weekend to protest against the current regime of Dina Bolaurte, President of the Republic.

The cancellation of sporting events in Peru

The Sports Safety Directorate of the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) ordered the cancellation of all sporting events that take place from January 17 to 23, that is, also First Division matches. This trade was released minutes after the league 1 ensure that the guarantees provided by the Peruvian National Police (PNP) were in place, so that the comparisons are carried out normally.

In the document, issued to the General Directorate of Interior Government of the Ministry of the Interior, he stated that it was taken “knowledge of the recommendation made by the members of the National Commission against Violence in Sports Shows, which stated the displacement of people from the interior of the country”.

Therefore, it was arrangedthe cancellation of sports events at the national level, which have been scheduled and/or approved between January 17 and 23, 2023, to prevent and avoid risks that affect the safety and physical integrity of people”.

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