Sports Medicine improves processes in physical tests in Pumas

The specific assessment test called isokinecia seeks to prevent injuries and improve performance in players.

In order to obtain more complete information about the muscular conformation in the pelvic limb of the athletes that are members of the Club Universidad Nacional squad, in view of the start of the next Clausura 2023 tournament, the General Directorate of University Sports (DGDU), to through its Department of Sports Medicine, it implemented the test called isokinecia, aimed at preventing injuries and improving the performance of blue-golden players.

“This time we implemented something different called isokinecy. With this test we assess the strength of both the quadriceps and the hamstrings. We have found that there must be a certain balance between the anterior and posterior muscles of the leg because, when that balance is more to one side, it generates muscle injuries, and that is what we want to reduce,” said Cristina Rodríguez Gutiérrez, director of Sports Medicine. of the DGDU.

The isokinetic assessment test consists of a system connected to software, which numerically records the force and power generated by the muscle group of the leg under study, either the anterior or the posterior, and also compares the results of both extremities. . The athlete must warm up prior to sitting on the machine, resting the trunk on the back of the chair and executing knee flexion and extension movements for analysis.

Cristina Rodríguez explained that “to jump, to move or to kick the ball, you need strength. So, if a player has more strength in one leg than in the other, or more strength in the quadriceps than in the hamstrings, based on the results of this study we will be able to make personalized programs, first with a view to preventing injuries, but also with you look at the best sports performance. Therefore, this information is only for medical service and physical trainers.

The specialist explained that the equipment necessary for this study is recently acquired in Sports Medicine at the UNAM, and that Takeshi Aoyama is the doctor specialized in performing this test that “normally is done on recently operated patients, but rarely A whole team,” he said.

In addition to the isokinecy test, 34 Pumas players underwent a medical history, a resting electrocardiogram, biochemical and jump tests. The same routine was applied to members of the women’s team of the Club Universidad Nacional.

“They are always very professional in Sports Medicine, they have knowledge and the treatment is very good. Personally, I am going to take the next tournament as a revenge and I want to get rid of that little thorn that things did not go very well,” said Ricardo Galindo Gutiérrez, a civil engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering and a player for the Pumas de the MX League.

For his part, Juan Ignacio Dinenno, forward of the UNAM professional soccer team, expressed that “it is a very nice feeling to breathe the university air, to be in the facilities of the National University, to be on campus is very nice. I am going to give myself in every training session, in every game. I hope that in this year 2023 things will go well, I promise to sacrifice and give everything, since it is the only way to reach the objectives set”.

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