Spotify Chile: Today’s 10 hottest songs

Founded in 2006, Spotify has a presence in 186 nations. (infobay)

Music Industry Companies and Artists They have discovered an alternate on the streaming platform instance of that is Spotify, which has been taken benefit of and is now ranked as one of many most well-liked methods of entry by the Chilean public, with a view to make the songs accessible to extra individuals and extra nations.

However, it is easy to miss the most recent information or probably the most listened to songs of the second when an intensive music catalog characterizing the brand new millennium, which is why Spotify affords Your listing of matters which are at the moment partaking your customers,

We go away you the listing beneath:

1. Love of Your Life (with Jairo Vera)

2. A weekend | Crossover 2 (W FMK, Okay Character)

If we speak concerning the favorites of the general public, then we should point out the Big One. Maybe that is why «Un finde | Crossover 2 (w FMK, Okay characters)” debuted ranking straight to second place, as it reached a total of 223,726 copies.

3. Coming from Space (with Tiago PZK, Maria Becerra, Dookie, Emilia, Rusharking, Big One, FMK)

4. One in a Million

Jere Klein’s tune loses power. Today it has only 209,374 copies, insufficient to continue its journey towards number one on the podium. He is already at the fourth position, which shows that he is on the way out.

5. She Dances Alone (With Featherweight)

“She Dances Alone (W Feather Weight)”, written by Eslabon Armado, is very successful among users of this platform, accumulating 191,570 listens. Even today it is situated at the fifth position.

6. one x100to (w bad bunny)

7. Where does she go

8. Classy 101 (with Young Mikko)

Favorable numbers like 175,015 reproductions are not enough to move forward ranking, Thus, the song which was a huge success of Feed is losing its place in the list of most listened songs. Today it is in eighth place.

9. Why so lonely? (with Jere Klein)

10. I See Me Rich (with Gino Mela)

“Me Vio Rico (W Gino Mela)” performed by Lucky Brown, is at number ten on the list, having received 158,928 copies.

In the music industry, Chile is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but for those who manage to do so, success is sure to follow, as these artists have achieved. Remember that this top 10 is updated every 24 hours.

*Some hits do not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

established in 2006The Swedish-origin company formally started its operations in Europe on October 7, 2008 and is gradually expanding its presence across the world. Currently in 187 countries and offering music from over seven million artists.

streaming platform today Agreement with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, Warner Musicin others.

According to data published by Spotify, it had 433 million subscribers in the first half of 2022.

As a model, Spotify has taken Pay artists in your catalog A fixed price per song or album sold and royalties based on the number of streams the artist pays in proportion to the total number of songs streamed, unlike its competitors, who pay for physical sales or downloads.

This also 70% of your total income They go to copyright holders, mostly record labels, who pay artists based on their individual contracts.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms out there. (Fabian Sommer/dpa)

After returning to the “new regular” left behind in 2022, Spotify listeners took the opportunity to redefine what they’re passionate about, and music was no exception. Like every year, The streaming platform recaps the most famous and these were the artists and songs that managed to charm the world,

hit theme as done by harry styles She took first place after winning the title for Best Song of the Summer; It is followed by British indie rock band Glass Animals’ Heat Waves as the second most streamed song of 2022.

Australian cooperation The Kid LaRoi With Canadian Justin Bieber For Single Stay It became the third most listened to song worldwide.

while the fourth and fifth places were occupied by Latino artists bad bunnyJoe managed to conquer the world with his song Me Porto Bonito, a collaboration with Chancho Corleone as well as Titi Me Pregunto.

As for the most listened to artistsPuerto Rican musician and singer Bad Bunny also reinforced triple championshipa position he has held since 2020 and which no other artist has been able to achieve.

This was one of the most awaited in 2022 Taylor Swift, which made him the second most played artist globally after his triumphant return to the music world. locally it was ranked first in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Qatar, Slovenia and Singapore.

The remainder of the list was rounded out by appearances from two Toronto natives:drake and the weekend, While in fifth place appears the K-pop group, bts,

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