Spotify releases first Spotify single in Spain with Judeline

Spotify Singles gives artists the opportunity to record a new version of another artist’s song or to do a special cover of one of their songs.

Judelín is the first Spanish artist to release a Spotify single, and in addition, she will be one of five participants in the Spotify EQUAL FEST.

The artist has published her own version of “La Tortura” by Shakira (featuring Alejandro Sanz) and “Soy El Unico” by Yahritza y Su Essentia.

Spotify, the world’s largest streaming audio company, today launched Spotify Singles by artist Judeline in Spain. The initiative gives artists the opportunity to cover songs by other artists or from their own repertoire. Thus far, to date you can listen to two Judeline Spotify singles: “La Tortura” by Shakira, (featuring Alejandro Sanz), and “Soy El Unico” by Yahritza y Su Essentia. The initiative is launched within the framework of Spotify EQUAL FEST, which will be the first Spotify music event in Spain 22 September at Vissink Center (Madrid),

Spotify Singles launched in 2017 and has generated over seven billion streams to date with 700 songs recorded by over 300 artists. Among them is “Girl Crush”, a Little Big Town song covered by Harry Styles; “Driver’s License”, a song by Olivia Rodrigo performed by Lewis Capaldi, and “Lay All Your Love on Me”, one of ABBA’s hits, covered by Zara Larsson.

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Judelyn is the first Spanish artist to appear on Spotify Singles

Born in the Cadiz city of Los Canos de Meca, Judelin decided at the age of 17 to follow her path to become one of the great musical prodigies. An artist who comes dancing. In fact, he was named Artist in 2022.radar spain‘, Spotify’s program to support emerging talents in our country, taking advantage of its relevance and cultural influence, together with Camin, Jimena Amarillo, Ginebras, Cyril Kamer and Marmi.

Likewise, she was one of the people chosen to collaborate on producer and artist Alizz’s “Unqualified” project. And, more recently, he has signed a contract with the American label Interscope Records (home of Lana Del Rey or Kendrick Lamar), with whom he has published the song “Canjo”. She was one of the singers chosen by super producer Taney for her first album as an artist, in which she appears alongside big names such as Bad Bunny, Rau Elezando or Ozuna.

Plus, Judelyn is part of the Spotify poster. common celebrationJoining Nathy Peluso, Patazetta, Natalia Lacunza and Lola Indigo.

The Spotify EQUAL FEST is a way to take Spotify’s EQUAL program to the streets, which aims to promote gender equality in music and give female artists around the world the prominence they deserve. A program that seeks to eliminate the existing gender gap in the music industry so that female artists, composers and producers can get the representation and visibility they deserve in this field.

“I’ve spent too many parties, barbecues and moments with Shakira’s “La Tortura” in the background, so I wanted to nod to her, without giving up the Andalusian peso”, Comment Judelyn about his choice of covering that iconic subject. Similarly, in relation to “I am alone” he states: “I discovered it last year and haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. The structure of the recitative corridos is something that is not present in other types of music. They have something very flamenco but also very Venezuelan. Flamenco and traditional Venezuelan music is the music I grew up with as a child.

“At Spotify we want to turn up the volume for promising and diverse voices on the platform and that is why we are proud to have Judelin’s immense talent for the first Spotify Singles in Spain. Judelin exemplifies the rich talent that exists on the local scene “, Voice Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for Southern and Eastern Europe at Spotify, “Artists are the heart and soul of what we do. For this reason, we at Spotify work to facilitate discovery and connection between artists and fans with initiatives like this one, which have earned huge success over the past few years.Add.

You can find more information about the launch of Spotify Singles in Spain at For the Record on Spotify.

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