Spotted giraffe born in US may be world’s only


The spotless, completely gray giraffe, very different from its mother, may raise doubts, however, to dispel them, Tony Bright, in charge of maintenance at the zoo where this little girl was born, gave her some asked for a blood test.

“Their numbers match the giraffes born two weeks ago, so we are feeling good. Every day it gets stronger,” Bright said.

How is this giraffe without spots?

This is a reticulated giraffe, a species native to Somalia, northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. This baby giraffe without spots is a female. She was born on July 31, which means she hasn’t even been born a month yet. Already one meter is 83 centimeters tall.

It grows up very healthily with its mother and the staff at Bright’s Zoo in Tennessee, United States. Experts say it is currently the only patternless reticulated giraffe in the world, ie without spots, an individual characteristic that makes it different from all other specimens. It also helps them to blend in with nature and regulate their body temperature.

“From day one we are in touch with zoo professionals from across the country and especially experienced people who have been there for a long time, have you seen it? What is your opinion? And nobody’s seen it,” said David Bright, director of Bright’s Zoo.

According to research by the directors of Bright’s Zoo in Tennessee, it indicates that the last unspotted giraffe was recorded in Tokyo, Japan in the 1970s.

What will be the name of this baby giraffe without spots?

The zoo posted four name proposals for the spotless baby giraffe on its Facebook page, the first being Kipeki, which means unique in Swahili; Another Swahili is also firali which means unusual or extraordinary; The third is Shakiri which means she is the most beautiful and the last is Jamela which means great beauty.

People will be able to vote for their favorite name until September 4, the same day the votes will be counted and the name of the baby giraffe without spots will be announced.

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