Spouses no-vax: “Forced to vaccinate to see our children in Germany”

“Mom, please don’t do this” Angela Cerardi heard her son say on the phone. After a long battle against the vaccine, this 58-year-old woman and husband Antonino Perez, 78, had to give in. With the introduction of the Super Green pass from next December 6: “We accept to be able to see our children in Germany” said the couple in an interview with Repubblica.

You could have been vaccinated last winter. Why did you wait?
“We weren’t convinced – says the lady – and our three children, who emigrated to Germany, had advised us against it. One of them called me just before the nurse gave me the injection and begged me not to, but I explained that we have to. In a few days I’ll go and see them and I don’t want to have problems getting on the plane or traveling on public transport “.

So she only got vaccinated because she felt compelled to do it?
“Yes, otherwise I would have waited a little longer. In a year and a half I have not got sick, I have always been careful to wear the mask and sanitize my hands. My husband was also careful about respecting the rules of conduct. He was just discharged from the Geriatrics ward after eight days of hospitalization and the doctors advised us to go to the vaccination center immediately. And we decided to follow the advice “.

After months of defending themselves from Covid in the trench of masks and sanitizing gel, they threw in the towel and presented themselves at the vaccination center of the Policlinico di Palermo. And the phone call from his son comes just as he uncovers his arm to receive the first dose.

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