Square Enix will insist on blockchain games despite their failure

Exactly one year ago the company behind final fantasy received heavy criticism for an open letter from Yosuke Matsuda —president of the company— in which he showed his total support to the strongly hated NFT. Despite the fact that throughout the year 2022 it was shown that games based on NFT and blockchain technology are not well receivedSquare Enix insisted again and declared that it will dedicate itself to several of them in 2023.

In Matsuda’s new year letter for 2023, the controversial president says that “In terms of business, we will focus on three areas in the medium term. The one we are most focused on right now is blockchain-based entertainment, which we have aggressively invested in.”. This is enough to make us worry about the future of the company, but things are getting worse.

Later, Matsuda says that “it’s fair to say that blockchain gained significant recognition in 2022 and the evidence is that ‘Web 3.0’ became a common theme among business people”. With this, Square Enix demonstrates a completely wrong reading of the economic situation and the acceptance of these technologies, which have lost a lot of prestige and money.

Some weeks ago, Square Enix was the target of ridicule and criticism after the announcement of symbiogenesis. This is an “NFT blockchain project” that was initially mistaken for a new Parasite Eve.

We don’t know what Square Enix is ​​playing by insisting on using a technology that finance and technology experts believe is doomed to fail. Maybe they are following that saying that says: “put your fist in, put your arm in.”

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