Square Enix’s future AAA games will be multi-platform for PC, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.

Square Enix will do numerous changes company that influences types of games what they do and their number even in platforms on which they are publishedimplementing your strategy marketinginternal structure of the development and publishing team, the ability to acquire other companiescommitment to content transmedia and the intention to sell their titles longer.

Company last fantasy, Dragon Quest And Kingdom Hearts announced business plan operate until the end of the financial year March 31, 2027. Graduated Reboot and awaken Square Enix: 3 years of foundation for long-term growthThe document, released weeks after several video games were announced to be canceled or resized, concerns address the poor economic performance of its blockbusters and slowing revenue growth its games for mobile devices and browsers, among others.

More quality than quantity

The plan is divided into four main areas. The first one concerns video game development. Square Enix hopes to achieve stable release frequencymoving from “quantity to quality”, created taking into account both the concerns of developers and customer opinions and dataand all this for the purpose of publishing titles with “potential to be loved by players for years to come”.

They want to publish “unforgettable” blockbusters (AAA games) for PC and consoles that save fans and attract new ones players, while releasing “a variety of carefully selected games” for mobile devices. To achieve this goal They are reorganizing the work of part of the development. companies: rather than being organized into teams (such as Creative Business Unit III, headed by Naoki Yoshida, responsible for Final Fantasy XIV: World Reborn And Final Fantasy XVI), HE we structure in projectsand developers will move between them.

Attract more players, catalog and PC sales

In the section on income diversification, “move to a multi-platform strategy”. Square Enix has used temporary exclusivity deals in recent years, especially with PlayStation and Nintendo, but now They will be “aggressively” publishing their AAA games on PC, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. “To create an environment where more customers can enjoy our games.” they want “maximize” attracting new users in premieres and, in the case of games as a service, manage them in a way that will attract new players after launch. They are also considering launching SD games for mobile phones and PCs.

Continuing with this principle, Square Enix wants to create a business model that will work very well for other companies such as Capcom and Nintendo: increase catalog sales, that is, games that are already several years old. Likewise, they want to prioritize sales in digital format and they will “initiatives aimed at attracting PC users”. They also created a new team focused on strategy cross media (they don’t specify whether they are focusing on TV series, films or other media) to ensure their IP is attractive in new global markets and they hope it will have synergies with their department merchandising.

All these changes require changes in the company’s work. So they announce “structural reforms” (which have already begun) in Europe and North America; Western offices will be more integrated with the Japanese company. On the other hand, they also want strengthen the development studio the company has in London. Finally, the company will reform its hiring and promotion system, offer educational programs to its employees and create hybrid work structure which will combine remote work with office work.

They will invest 595 million euros, possibly buying studios.

In the section dedicated to investments and shareholder returns, Square Enix reports that over the next will make “strategic” investments for three years for a maximum amount of 100 billion yen (595 million euros at current exchange rates), the amount in which “inorganic investment” is assumed (i.e. acquisitions of other companies) to “expand your business and increase stability.”

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