Squeezie shares the contents of his appeal with Dwayne Johnson, and it’s hilarious

On October 8, French YouTuber Squeezie organized the first edition of the GP Explorer, an F4 race live from Le Mans and broadcast on Twitch. The event was a huge success as it brought together more than a million spectators connected simultaneously ! Although some have criticized the concept, his organizer received a surprise call from an international star to congratulate him.

The Rock praises Squeezie and has an awkward moment

Indeed, although some people did not really adhere to the concept of the GP Explorer, explaining that Twitch was only recycling what is already done on television, Squeezie can boast of having been congratulated by an American movie star. And not just any!

As he told on his Twitch channel, the French content creator was surprised to receive a call from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock ! Just that. The actor contacted Squeezie via FaceTime to congratulate him on the organization of the GP Explorer.

The French says it was a very nice moment despite the bugs during the call :

It’s funny because it bugged. It was too cool but it cut. In fact, it’s almost better to have experienced a buggy FaceTime with Dwayne Johnson than a FaceTime that goes very well.

If Squeezie was able to live this incredible moment with the actor it is simply because the film black adamwhose The Rock is currently the headliner in the cinema, sponsored the first edition of the GP Explorer. Warner was satisfied with the result and therefore organized this remote meeting in parallel with the promotion of the film:

He told me to continue doing good work, that it brought people together. It was really based on empowerment as a discourse. I imagine what it must be like doing a full-scale promo for The Rock. It must be too tiring but during the roll call he was smiling and all, when he must have been dead.

An excellent moment that Squeezie will remember for a very long time. Enough to motivate him to prepare a second edition for the GP Explorer !

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