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Kim Jong un

He imported a copy of Squid Game to North Korea and was sentenced to death for it. The regime of Kim Jong-un does not discount, which is absolutely forbidden to let in material from the West and neighboring South Korea. a North Korean student, who then sold it to a peer.

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For those who introduced Squid Game in the country, the death penalty was taken, while for those who bought the pen they were sentenced to life imprisonment. But that’s not all, because Kim Jong-un’s fury also spilled over to five other people who had expressed their intention to buy the stick with Squid Game: five hours of forced labor were established for them. Some teachers are also at great risk, who risk being sacked and sent to the border to work in the mine. North Korean regime officials are conducting scrupulous research to see if there are other copies of the Netflix series in the school of the convicted students.

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According to the reconstruction released by Radio Free Asia, some guys would have discussed the series with friends and therefore would have generated interest in buying a copy. However, they were discovered within a few days and so, after being arrested, the very heavy sentences arrived.

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