“Stairway to Hell”, fear lives in the basement

the irish filmmaker brendan muldowney (eternal love Y savage) will premiere this week in Mexico his most recent film Ladder to hellto add a touch of terror to the billboard.

About a week after the Woods family moved into the Xaos House, their daughter Ellie goes missing during a power outage. The strange thing is that she was on the phone with her mother Keira at the time, counting the ten steps to the basement to find the fuse box.

Frustrated by the lack of clues, Keira investigates and discovers strange symbols carved into the walls. After a series of terrifying supernatural experiences, she comes to the conclusion that the house took Ellie.

She discovers that a physicist and occultist named John Fetherston, who was obsessed with finding the 11th dimension, built the house and carved sinister equations into the 10 steps leading to the basement.

Ultimately, he must fight the oldest evil in the universe or lose his family’s souls forever: “I wanted to try something new and turned to Irish mythology,” said the filmmaker.


The cast of the film is led by Elisha Cuthbertknown for playing Kim Bauer in the series 24Danielle in comedy The Girl Next Door and Carly Jones in the remake of House of Wax. It also has Eoin Mackenwho has acted in movies like resident Evil, Close, killing jesus Y centurions.

The tape was filmed during quarantine. “We started preparing the film during the third lockdown in Ireland and we had to stop for a while,” Muldowney said. “Then, the conditions on the set, with quarantine, tests, masks, I couldn’t do live casting. But it was also an opportunity. We shot in November and therefore were able to shoot in the right night light,” the filmmaker said in press releases.

Stairway to Hell, based on the short film The Ten Steps, by Muldowney himself – is a great opportunity for lovers of horror movies and paranormal suspense. A horror film built with a wide spiritual baggage.

“I had to invent a mythology and started with Judaism and Christianity, where you don’t really have much more than heaven and hell,” the director opined. “I wanted to try something new and I went back to Irish mythology and finally ended up with the concept of Hokum,” he concluded.

FACT: Scenario Chronicle and Corazón Films have 10 double passes for our readers for the premiere tonight at Cinépolis Diana. The dynamic is in our social networks.

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