Stallone’s morning routine to be strong at 76

    76 years yes, but who had, retained. Sylvester Stallone maintains a strict routine each morning to wake up energized and ready for the day. This is what he has shown on his instagram account, in which he says: “In the morning, I usually get up, stretch, maybe have a protein shake and then work out, but I found a new method of exercise and it helps you walk!” he jokes. And that new method is his rottweiler dog, which forces him to walk at a brisk pace. Fasted cardio to burn fat and stay fit (Here are the best cardio exercises to burn fat at home).

    Stallone and the premiere of ‘The Expendables 4’

    It’s best not to talk about his look: a huge gold chain, a black tank top, sunglasses, a goatee, a cap and various tattoos. Like a true Hollywood star. And it is that the years have passed, but Sly is still an action star in the Hollywood industry. In fact, he now has several films to be released in the cinema, among them the mercenaries 4, with Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren, among others, Y Guardians of the Galaxy 3. In addition, he is recording the series Kansas City. (Remember here the muscles of Stallone in the 80s on a day of fishing).

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