Staphylococcus in water bottles, do not consume this brand because it is dangerous to health: the batches

A well-known brand of mineral water bottles is involved in a market withdrawal. The cause, the presence of a bacterium.

They have been some packs of bottled water removed from the shelvesdue to the suspected presence of Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacterium that is dangerous to human health. This is yet another recall after others foods and drugs that have been removed from the market because they are contaminated with dangerous substances.

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The Adviceas always is to do not consume brand and batches of bottled water that correspond to those reported. At the moment, the withdrawal was carried out as a precaution, but it is feared the presence of Staphylococcus, a bacterium that can cause serious problems.

A’Staphylococcus aureus infection it can be transmitted by physical contact or by ingestion of food and drink. Usually the immunitary defense of a healthy subject are able to limit its spread, but sometimes this bacterium can trigger many diseases. For example osteomyelitis, impetigo, Ritter-Lyell syndrome, toxic shock syndrome, infections and deep abscesses.

Staphylococcus in water bottles, here are Marca and Lotti

In compliance with current provisionsthe company has reported the procedure withdrawal from the shelves of some bottles of water. Although the presence of staphylococcus has not been definitively ascertained for now, it has been decided to protect public health.

That is why the following batches of bottles have been taken off the market:

  • “Claudia” natural sparkling mineral waterproduced in the Anguillara Sabazia plants in Lazio.
  • THE lots of Claudia water bottles potentially contaminated are the: L21111 of 1 liter and a half and the L21191 of 0.5 liters. The deadlines, respectively by 21/04/2023 and by 04/29/2023

We remember that whoever has bottles of water from these batches and deadlines at home must not drink it. As per current legislation, people are invited to bring it back to the shop where they bought them, and will receive a refund. It is not necessary to have the purchase receipt with you.

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