Star Plus ‘Fake Influencer’: Official Trailer for the Streaming Comedy [VIDEO]

“Fake influencer” is the new Star+ movie that tackles one of the most current topics of recent years: the unthinkable extremes that someone can go to in order to become the next internet influencer.

Get all the details on this must-see story starring Zoey Deutch, Dylan O’Brien, Mia Isaac, Embeth Davidtz, Nadia Alexander, Tia Dionne Hodge, and Negin Farsad.

What is ‘False influencer’ about?

“Fake Influencer” follows Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch), an aspiring writer with no direction, no friends, and no love life who, in hopes of increasing her social media clout, fakes a dream trip to Paris to post on Instagram. . Just as the plan seemed to be working, Danni wakes up to the news of a terrifying incident in the City of Light that puts her strategy in check and leads her to inadvertently fall for the biggest lie she ever imagined.

Circumstances force Danni to fake a return from Paris that makes her a hero, connects her with a true survivor of a traumatic event, and opens the door to a love affair with the man of her dreams. However, when she seems to have the life and audience she’s always dreamed of, her facade begins to crack, and she learns the hard way that the internet loves a fall from grace.

Characters in the internet age

On her bumpy road to social media stardom, Danni comes into contact with a handful of characters that every consumer of online content will instantly recognize.

On the one hand, her path crosses that of Colin (Dylan O’Brien), a handsome and very cool influencer who works with her and with whom she falls madly in love. Elsewhere, she must deal with the misdeeds of Harper (Nadia Alexander), a feminist advocate who deals in the op-eds of legendary US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Finally, following her false return from Paris, Danni joins forces with Rowan (Mia Isaac), a true survivor of a school shooting turned activist against gun violence.

The story that follows Danny

As Danni begins to gain internet fame, the story begins to focus on Colin and Rowan, who represent two paths to online notoriety that Danni could take.

Danni’s attraction to Colin is mostly superficial: He’s the influencer’s fast track to notoriety. “Colin has a fake personality, he’s dishonest, and he doesn’t have a clue who he is,” says O’Brien. “He seems like a boy with many talents, but none of that is true. He is that person who has an absolute lack of identity.”

Rowan, on the other hand, is a hurt, upright and honest person, because of the shooting in which her sister lost her life. She is more of an advocate than an influencer, someone who uses the internet as a weapon rather than a stage. “She knows that social networks can be used as a tool, but she feels frustrated because she wants to use Instagram and other social networks to do good and there are many people who use it for stupid things,” says Isaac.

‘False influencer’ is to reflect

As a social satire, ‘fake influencer’ not only promises to make the audience laugh Star+ with situations of pure irony, charismatic characters and plot twists, but also invites her to reflect on the addiction to social networks, the obsession with likes and the culture of cancellation, completely current issues that make visible a current collective trauma from which few manage to escape.

“The film delves into a theme that we are dealing with as a generation,” says Nadia Alexander. “When you look at social media on your phone, you see kittens and influencers next to stories about terrorist attacks and coups, and then ‘buy this’ or ‘what to do to get thinner?’ It’s a constant overload of information.”


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