Star Trek 4 announces the worst possible news

The latest announcement about Star Trek 4 is the worst possible news for viewers. There is a lot of concern for the future.

star trek 4 has been removed from the release schedule of Paramount Pictures. The search for the director is still active, but it is being truly unsuccessful. The film franchise, better known to fans as “Kelvin Timeline,” served as a tie-in origin story for the original sci-fi series. I put the focus on James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) As he rose through the ranks of the Federation. The films that restarted the saga also explored the first adventures of Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Bones McCoyKarl Urban, Scotty (Simon Pegg) Y Sulu (John Cho).

As reported exclusively by Variety, Paramount Pictures has removed star trek 4 of its release calendar. The decision comes just one month after Matt Shakmanbest known for directing all nine episodes of the series WandaVision, will abandon the science fiction project. Now, Matt Shakman will handle the reboot of fantastic four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Variety’s sources reveal that the studio’s scramble to find a new director and the cast’s contract schedule were the key factors in the decision to drop the film. Its premiere was scheduled for December 22, 2023. Now there is no release date.

The script wasn’t even written yet

Everything pointed to star trek 4 was to be removed from Paramount Pictures’ release schedule after Matt Shakman stepped down as director. Statements by Chris Pine and Karl Urban earlier this year praised this filmmaker’s choice. The two actors were excited about their return to the saga. However, both revealed that they had not yet seen any script for the fourth installment of the franchise. That was slightly worrying information, given that it was due to see the light of day in December 2023. The head of Paramount, brian robbins, remained confident when asked last June. The departure of Matt Shakman has finished bringing down the project.

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