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At the recent fan meeting of the Star Wars Celebration, held in Anaheim (California), the great love professed by the fans of the science fiction saga for the movie Han Solo: a Star Wars story.

Several times in the panels and conferences when that film was alluded to, the public raised their lightsabers in a sign of respect and applauded wildly. The unusual thing is that the film directed by Ron Howard was considered a failure within the franchise and It had negative reactions from both audiences and critics.

However, in the most important meeting of the most fervent followers of the adventures of the Jedi and their battles against the intergalactic empire, everything was support and joy. T-shirts with phrases like “do the second part of Han Solo”, reiterated a radical change of opinion. In fact, the memory of him was always more applauded than that of the last trilogy that premiered in theaters.

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The director of Han Solo…, Ron Howard was one of the guests at a conference about the new documentary Light & Magicwhich recounted the odyssey of George Lucas – in terms of the development of visual effects for what would be his most emblematic film – and revealed details of an unprecedented cinematographic revolution.

Since his arrival on the stage of the Star Wars Celebration, Howard heard the typical phrases like: “We love you Ron”, but possibly what caught his attention the most was a message that came from one of the rows of the venue: “We want another Han Solo movie.”

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

The production is undergoing a kind of redemption.

Surprised, he greeted the audience and said it was incredibly “rewarding and means a lot to such a great young cast who put their heart and soul into the film. It signifies the world in which the film resonates with Star Wars fans. That’s all anyone would expect.”

In addition, he assured that the development of a new film is not in his hands, but recalled that the film was innovative in terms of filming technology and that he was always proud of the end result.

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Star Wars 1977

Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo in 1977.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story looked back to the youth of the famed Millennium Falcon pilot (made iconic by Harrison Ford) before joining the battle against the empire alongside Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. In the plot, starring Alden Ehrenreich, his first adventures and his meeting with Chewbacca and even his relationship with Qi’ra (played by Emilia Clarke) are revealed. Many critics called it artificial, too nostalgic and risk-free.

In fact, his idea of ​​’fan service’ did not catch on with the public either and his first weekend at the box office only made about 65 million dollars, a very low figure by the standards of the saga.

However, today they love her. It can be an emotional reaction of nostalgia; the rediscovery over the years of a jewel that was ahead of its time the support of that new generation of Star Wars fans (who are not so purists), which has throbbing an idea of ​​rebirth or redemption.

Ron Howard

Ron Howard was the director of Han Solo: A Star Wars Adventure.

Ron Howard doesn’t seem interested, but It should be remembered that his daughter, Bryce-Dallas Howard, has followed in his footsteps as an actress and director and was responsible for directing some episodes of The Mandalorian and it would not be a bad candidate to do the second part of Han Solo. Time and fan pressure have the last word.


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