Starfield: all confirmed factions and what we know

Starfield invites us to explore the confines of the galaxy as one of the most anticipated titles for this course. Bethesda Softworks goes back to 11 of 11 as a talisman to try to mark another era of open world RPG. It does so with renewed strength and with a publisher behind it, Xbox, which marks its launch exclusively for the Redmond ecosystem.

Few details are known at this time, much less its current state in images. However, Americans have shared a few bits of information over the past few months. The factions of this new universe They have transpired, at least in part. We collect the official information and what awaits us during our first steps.

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

Colonized Systems, a new universe to discover

The adventure places us in the year 2330 around a tiny space in the Milky Way. The Colonized Systems, as the playground is called, is approximately 50 light-years from our solar system. This extension of the world we know provides “a particular setting”, as those responsible underline.

The situation that we find ourselves in the Colonized Systems is one of fragile peace. 20 years ago, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, the two main factions in the game, waged a civil war known as the Colonial War. Two decades later, the echoes of the bloody confrontation continue to resonate. A fragile peace has been established that can raise arms again at any moment.

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

The two great factions of Starfield

The United Colonies they are described by the team as “the future of the idealized space republic” and represent the faction with the most military muscle. They are set in the capital of New Atlantis, an ever-expanding city that “is a true reflection of the future of our world,” Bethesda reveals.

Will Shen, chief mission designer on the project, defines the Freestar Collective as the representation “of the western space”. “They are people who live in border territory,” he adds. They take refuge within the Akila city walls to fend off the Ashta, an alien threat.

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

Constellation, your ticket to Starfield

Players will start as a newly joined member to Constellation, a faction “committed to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy,” describes Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield’s design director. Your task, like that of any other unit in the group, is to explore “the deepest reaches of the Settled Systems”.

It has not transpired if your participation in Constellation will continue over time or if at some point you can betray their interests. What we do know is that we can join other factions of any moral court. Those responsible give the Crimson Fleet as an example, which apparently are one of the hostile groups in the game. The player has in his hand to be able to join them and turn the tables with his decisions. “One of the cool things about Crimson Fleet is: what if you’re a good person and you want to be a good player, so you’re not interested in playing as the bad guy? You can ally with them or you can report to your superiors and be a kind of space police.”

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

Other Starfield factions

Ryujin Industries has caught the attention of users for some of the comments from Bethesda. Shen stated that the beginning of this faction is “one of the best” Available at Starfield. We will have to apply to one of the vacancies of this megacorporation and show that we are up to the task to get the job.

Todd Howard, head of the project, shared the creative vision behind these groups: “I love the approach we give it. What is it that completes the world? What are the groups that make the world seem complete and believable? And then how does the player interact with them?

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

The Xenofresh Corporation born from a curious story. They began as some fishermen who sold fresh fish in one of the maritime zones of the system. One day they discovered that the fish in the area produced Aurora, a chemical used as part of the production of psychoactive substances. Thanks to the profits from its sale, they built a spectacular capsule city (Neon) that rises above the sea.

At this time, other factions have been pointed out for which there are no specific data. On House Va’ruun, for example, we know that it is organized by religious fanatics. Other human groups are the Ecliptic Mercenaries and the Spacers.

Starfield factions what we know Xbox Series X PC

Starfield already on the way

Bethesda Softworks marks a specific date on the calendar: on November 11, 2022. That day Starfield will debut on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Yes, the title points only to the new generation of supported consoles and computers. From the first day it will remain in the Xbox Game Pass subscription catalog in all its modalities.

From the studio they set high expectations: “The players are going to hallucinate”, stated its design director. We recently learned about the official presentation of VASCO, a robot character that is released as the first confirmed companion. The only real-time gameplay footage aside from its teaser trailer dates back to the 2018 build leak. Are you ready to navigate the unknown?

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