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Filmmaker Claire Denis will chair the official jury of the 71st edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (from September 22 to 29 this year), accompanied by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing; Colombian producer, director and writer Cristina Gallego; French photographer Brigitte Lacombe; Hungarian producer Robert Lantos; Spanish actress Vicky Luengo and German director Christian Petzold.

Filmmakers such as Maite Alberdi, JA Bayona, Robin Campillo, Isabelle Coixet, Victor Aris, Michel Franco, Matteo Garrone, Craig Gillespie, Jonathan Glazer, Kitty Green, Todd Haynes, Tran Anh Hung, Ladj Lee, James Marsh, Christy Puiu, Valeria In the coming days, Sarmiento and Justin Triot will present their films to the public and media at the 71st edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, to be held between September 22 and 29.

The fact that famous filmmakers and actors from all over the world have confirmed their presence in San Sebastián on the occasion of the celebration of the new edition of one of the most recognized film festivals in the world (Category A). Thus, Juliette Binoche, Gabriel Byrne, François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Davos, Griffin Dunn, Aidan Gillen, Mads Mikkelsen, James Norton and Dominic West will come with their films and participate in festival events. In addition to Víctor Aris, who will receive the Donostia Award on the 29th, and Javier Bardem, who will do so in the next edition due to the limitations imposed by the strike called by the Actors Union of the United States (SAG-AFTRA). The festival will also recognize the career of Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki, who directs the inaugural film Kimitachi wa do Ikiru ka/The Boy and the Heron ,boy and heron, Miyazaki will receive the Donostia Award virtually during the opening ceremony.

contemporary filmmaker

In addition, relevant filmmakers of contemporary cinematography will travel to San Sebastián with their latest films, such as Maite Alberti ().infinite memoryPerlak), JA Bayona (The Snow SocietyPerlak), Robin Campillo (red islandOfficial Section), Isabelle Coixet (one loveOfficial Section), Michel Franco (MemoryPerlak), Matteo Garone (Io CapitanoPerlak), Craig Gillespie (dumb moneyPerlak), Jonathan Glazer (area of ​​interestPerlac), Kitty Green (The Royal HotelOfficial Section), Todd Haynes (may decemberPerlak), Tran Anh Hung (Dodin Bouffant’s passionCulinary Cinema), Tatiana Huezo (reflected soundHorizontes Latino), Ladaj Lee (Batiment 5Perlak), James Marsh (dance firstOfficial Section), Christie Puiu (mmxxOfficial Section), Valeria Sarmiento (socialist realismClassicoke), Justin Tritt (anatomy of a shotPerlak) or Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal (they shot the pianistofficial section).

official section

In the official selection, actors Griffin Dunn, Miles Heizer and James Norton will perform along with director Noah Pritzker. ex husbandwho are competing for the Golden Shell, such as filmmaker Raven Jackson and producer Adele Romanski, who will show All dirt roads taste like salt, Joaquim Lafosse, who participates a silence, will travel with Daniel Auteuil and Emmanuelle Devos; Will travel to San Sebastián with François Cluzet and director Vincent Lacoste a serial meteor ,good teacher), Thomas Lilty; Xavier Legrand will defend le successor / inheritor With its protagonists, Marc-André Grondin and Yves Jacques; and Robin Campillo, director of red island ,red island) will do it together with Quim Gutierrez and Nadia Tereszkiewicz (who will be in San Sebastian twice because she also acts) Rosalie, programmed in Perlk). Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu to present mmxx With actors Dorian Boguta (also producer), Florin Tibre and Laurentiu Bondarenko and actresses Adelaida Perjoiu and Otilia Panaiente. Director Kitty Green (Royal Hotel Christos Niko (nails) and Isabella Eklof (art, closing film dance firstThere will be wide representation: in addition to Marsh, Byrne and Gillan, artists such as Fionn O’Shea will also travel.

Many filmmakers from Perlak will come to San Sebastian with their films: Jonathan Glazer (area of ​​interest), Todd Haynes (may december, Christian Petzold, Official Jury and Director rotor himmel , a fire, Matteo Garone with the heroes of Io Capitano, Seydou Sarr and Mustafa Fall; Michelle Franco (Memory, Nikolaj Arcel and Mads Mikkelsen (Bastard , the promised land, Australian filmmaker Warwick Thornton (new guy) and Craig Gillespie (dumb money, Ledj Lee (Batiment 5) with actors Steve Tiencheau, Anta Diaw, Aristotle Luyindula and Alexis Manantis; as well as filmmaker Celine Song (past life) and Stephanie Di Giusto (Rosalie,

Latin America

As always, Latin American cinematography will be widely represented in San Sebastian. In the official section, with Maria Alche and Benjamin Nashtatt and actors Marcello Subiotto, Leonardo Sbarraglia and Mara Bestelli (puan, and also includes Martin Rejtman and artist Esteban Bigliardi Criminal– and Camilla Hiren (Practice, In Horizontes Latinos, Dolores Fonzi, in her directorial debut, served as producer alongside actors Toto Rovito and Santiago Miter (blond, Tatiana Huezo (reflected sound, Paula Hernandez with Alfredo Castro and Sergi López (the wind that blows, Lucia Puenzo and Mariana Di Girolamo (was affected, Rodrigo Moreno (Criminal, Felipe Galvez (the settlers, and Leela Aviles (totems), among other filmmakers. They will present their films in Zabaltegi-Tabacalera Eduardo Williams (rise of man 3) and Andres de Tella (mixtape la pampa, In Culinary Cinema, directors Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat and artists Luis Brandoni, Enrique Piñero and Majo Cabrera (Nothing, And filmmaker Valeria Sarmiento will attend its premiere socialist realism (Classicoke).

spanish cinema

Led by Donostia Award winner Victor Aris and artists close your eyesJosé Coronado, Manolo Solo, Ana Torrent, María León, Petra Martínez, Mario Pardo, Venetia Franco and Helena Miquel will be present in San Sebastián, along with Isabel Coixet and actors in the Spanish Cinema Official Section. one love (Lia Costa, Hovik Keuchkarian, Hugo Silva, Luis Bermejo, Francesco Carril and Ingrid García Jonsson), Jaion Camborda and interpreters Janet Novas and Diego Anido (Hey Horn!), Isabel Herguera (sultana’s dream), Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal (they shot the pianist) and team Messiah: Directors Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo and actresses Carmen Machi, Macarena García, Cecilia Roth, Lola Duenas and Ana Rujas, among many other actors.

To compete among new directors, producers of blue star, with director Javier Macipay and actors Pepe Llorente, Mark Rodriguez, Catalina Sopelana and Bruna Cusi. JA Bayona will perform at Perlak, seeking the Audience Award The Snow Society With Uruguayan actor Enzo Vogrinsic. At the RTVE Gala, Leonor Watling, Carolina Yuste, Pablo Molinaro, Xinyi Ye, Shiman Yang, Yehu Ji and Valeria Fernandez (Sugar,softness, Actress Monica Randall will present a screening of the restored copy spanish fury In Classicoq. The team will be in Zinemira 20,000 species of bees With director Estíbaliz Urresola and actresses Patricia López Arnaez, Itziar Lazcano, Anne Gabarán and Sofia Otero; To present good companiesAlicia Falco and Itziar Ituno will participate, who will also be with the team. Irati,

In particular, within the section Made in Spain, Elena Trappe will present Else Encantats, Elena Martin Gimeno, Creature, Juan Francisco Viruega, Aura Garrido and Isabel Ampudia, dawn, Miguel Angel Vivas and Natalia De Molina, siege, Gerardo Herrero, Juan Carlos Valido, Eva Ugarte, Fell Martínez, Antonio Pagudo and, again, Alexandra Jiménez, under therapy, with The fantastic case of the golemIts directors are Burnin’ Perseves, Bryce Efe and Bruna Cusi, who, in addition blue starWill also participate in the presentation of Upon entry With his co-stars Alberto Amman and Laura Gomez and director, Alejandro Rojas.

And, finally, on the grand stage of the Anoeta Velodrome, Berto Romero, Andreu Buenafuente, María Botto and Nacho Vigalondo and, again, Eva Ugarte will accompany directors Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto del Toro in the premiere of the series. the other sideand C. Tangana will travel to San Sebastian with directors Santos Bacana, Cristina Treñas and Rogelio Gonzalez to present the documentary project. this extreme ambition, He will not be the only musical representative, as French singer Jean Cherhal, who stars in the show, will also travel to San Sebastián. a silenceand Amaya Romero, who are part of the cast MessiahBoth in the official section.

Similarly, artists, filmmakers or professionals from other disciplines will travel to San Sebastián to tell their stories in the first person. At Made in Spain, actress Carmen Elías, who revealed a year ago that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, will present as long as it’s you, with director Claudia Pinto; Fernando Méndez Leite will arrive as the protagonist of the non-fiction Memory of cinema: a film about Fernando Méndez-Leite, directed by Moises Salama; Former football player and former coach who is sick with ALS Juan Carlos Unzué will do the same with the directors Anzué, Juancar’s latest team, Jesus Munoz, Santi Padro and Xavi Torres. Philosopher Paul B. Preciado will present Orlando. my political biographyIn Zabalteggi-Tabacalera a kind of collective autobiography through the work of Virginia Woolf and Andes plane crash survivor Gustavo Zerbino will be nearby, along with JA Bayona. The Snow Society (Perlak).

Spanish cinema is increasingly present at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

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