State Health Joe Biden | What’s wrong with Joe Biden? Refreshing and worrying ‘lapse’ during a concert

Joe Biden, for him He is 81 years oldShows again Stunned and expressionless At an event held at the White House. On this occasion, a new mistake was made in the celebration ‘Juneteenth’which day End of slavery all over the country. The president takes Accumulated many Moments of confusion throughout his Government Order. For Republicanthese slips are one Opportunity For Infamous Democratic candidate in The final expansion of the presidential election,

The current criticism is due to this Distracting Behavior at a live concert and a Festive atmosphere. Dancing with the whole team and celebrating Contradictions in Biden’s attitude.he is practical frozen standing up and with a Big Smile. while around 30 second The President Appears bewildered and lost in sightuntil finally Philonise Floydbrother of george floyd (a man who started the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement after his controversial death) realizes the situation and puts his hand on the President’s shoulder. The two share a few words, They smile and bang their fists And they continue to celebrate.

But the event hasn’t been Biden’s only oversight in the celebration. There were also moments of There was some inconsistency in his entire speech After the concert, attention focused on his health and also. The Presidential Cabinet assures that the President is a candidate Absolute mental acuity And capable of performing the duties of the President,

Even more mistakes

Although the president’s response to ‘Juneteenth’ seems strange, the reality is that this type of attitude coming from Joe Biden is no longer surprising. During his tenure, he has been The hero of many such situations. He has been spotted at several events Unclear when I finish speaking without knowing where to go. At other times, in the middle of a speech, You are left free to complete simple tasks or you need help from your team,

Another of the president’s most memorable gaffes was when, in a speech at a rally in Florida, he recalled the death of his son in Iraq, when in fact died of cancer in the United States. in the same speech He confused the war in Iraq with the war in Ukraine.

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