State Security prevents the delivery of humanitarian aid from civil society to victims of Saratoga

Young Cubans who tried to deliver humanitarian aid collected by themselves for those affected by the Saratoga Hotel explosion last may 6 They denounced that State Security authorities and agents prevented them from after arriving at the site where several of the families who lost their homes are housed in buildings adjacent to the tourist facility.

According to the young Massy Carram, who had called to collect donations and documented during this week the amount of products and cash obtained thanks to solidarity, on Thursday morning she and several people left in a truck loaded with donations .

“10:30 AM we arrived at the Apartahotel La Brisas, where we contacted some of the affected neighbors. Automatically the head of the Government came out (I don’t know if from Cojímar or Old Havana), the assigned PCC partner and State Security agents, as usual“, he related in a publication on his Facebook profile that he accompanied with photos of the tour.

“Right away they inform us that we are not allowed to deliver donations directly to those affected. (…) It seems that the ‘dissidents’ do care about the people who are left homeless and the homeless do not care about the people who, through a horrible and painful accident, fall into the situation of being homeless,” he pointed out.

“Those of us present decided not to create a scandal right there, our objective was to deliver the donations, not to form a 11J. Luckily the neighbors themselves devised a way for everything donated (which was not little) to reach their hands (for security reasons I do not reveal the form since we have more donations on the way to be delivered) “, he pointed out.

“Then I ask myself, and without politics, Why the hell, as an independent and spontaneous group, we Cubans themselves can’t help other Cubans without some institution being involved? Why don’t donations have to be stored in a facility and not go directly to those who have lost everything?

Finally, he warned: “If something happens to the truck driver, who voluntarily and freely transported us, at work, I totally blame the provincial government and State Security.”

According to the note, thanks to what was donated, more than 40,000 pesos and 300MLC were raised.

The collection consists of almost 100 bath soaps, among other cleaning products, food such as rice, milk, lentils, spaghetti, coffee, sheets and towels, pants, sweaters, dresses, underwear, shoes, just to name a few.

Several comments on Karam’s post recalled that after the tornado that hit an area of ​​Havana in January 2019, independent civil society faced all kinds of difficulties in delivering aid gathered for those affected.

“That happened to me when the tornado in the Guanabacoa shelter by Luyanó, a couple of crazy people from the PCC came out… I don’t remember figures, but there were more than 100 sheltered and the solution to the problem also came from them. They came down en masse and threw out the cretins of the PCC asking them what they had brought and we were able to go in. After that they never stopped us or said anything to us,” recalled the filmmaker Raúl Prado.

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