Statements by Pablo Carrozza against Colombia

The Colombia sub 20 team He did his homework this Friday after defeating Argentina to keep the last place in group A directly to the South American hexagonal, which will be held in Bogotá and will not have the presence of those led by Javier Mascherano.

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To pass Argentina, they had to beat Héctor Cárdenas’ team, since a tie classified Colombia based on the points that the two teams had at that time.

So things, at minute 75 Juanda Fuentes scored the goal that passed Colombia and left out the ‘Albiceleste’which seems to not pass the bitter pill of such an early elimination.

After that fact, and as expected, Argentine journalists came out to criticize their team, but also to point to the ‘Tricolor’, at least that’s how he did it Pablo Carrozza, who did not spare a single comment for Colombia.

“I said that we didn’t have that many teams, that we lost to Paraguay, we didn’t lose to France, Germany, Belgium. Nerd. We lost with Paraguay and with Colombia, The team that beats us today is a fourth division team. with respect to the Colombian people, who play in the Deportivo Pablo Escobar from Cali, Barranquilla or Medellín“Was what the Argentine began by saying, who concluded this strong statement with another comment that left the ‘Tricolor’ in a bad light.

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It’s a little team It’s not that one is at Juventus, another is at AC Milan, another plays for Ajax, another for Real Madrid. Nerd. It is a ‘medium hair’ team, that beats you with the shirt and putting”.

Carrozza’s statements quickly went viral, as he revived a past that Colombians have tried to erase from the international image.

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