Stefanos Tsitsipas invites Margot Robbie to see him after reaching the semifinals at the Australian Open

Stefanos Tsitsipas nothing was saved and he sent a very direct message to the Australian actress Margot Robbie, after beating the Czech Jiri Lehecka in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

The 24-year-old tennis player said that would love to see Margot Robbie in the stands from Rod Laver Arena in his next game.

His statement perplexed the presenter Jim Courier, who was interviewing him at the time, with his love proposal for the Hollywood superstar.

The American asked him if he felt at home in Australia after having reached the semifinal of the tournament four times, but Tsitsipas’ response is not what was expected.

“Australia is a great country. I like a lot of things Australian. One of my favorite actresses comes from here, Margot Robbie,” the tennis player pointed out.

At that time Courier asked him about her: “What’s going on? Are you making an offer? What are we looking at here?” “Absolutely. It would be nice to see her here one day.”replied the tennis player.

Focused on helping children

Of course, he not only declared his love to margot robbiealso wanted to leave a message of support for associations that help the most disadvantaged, especially children.

tsitsipas He explained that one day he wanted to use the prize money from the Australian Open winner to help build schools in the country.

“I would love to one day win the Australian Open and give away a portion of the prize money to build schools in Victoria, which is the state of education. I would like to do that. I saw how difficult it is for many. I would like children all over the world to go to school and get a proper education, which is very important. Not all children are privileged. I would really like to give them a chance to go to school. That is what Australia means to me,” he said.

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