Stellantis: Tavares’ ‘outburst’ goes around the world

He literally went around the world venting the number one of Stellantis, the CEO Carlos Tavares. The boss of the automotive group that rose from the ashes of PSA groupe and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles spoke to Reuters microphones and was quite frank. The Portuguese said imposing a quick switch to electric mobility from the outside on car manufacturers ends up creating problems for car manufacturers, many of which will succumb.

Tavares’ outburst: here are the reactions from the world

Hurry up the second times Tavares it also means putting all the costs of the transition on the car manufacturers, which will then be forced to cut jobs. The words of the CEO of Stellantis they did a lot of discussion all over the world. Many agreed with Carlos Tavares’s speech but others harshly criticized the executive’s words, who according to some would be responsible for the delays in the launch of electric cars before PSA and now for Stellantis.

Eg Electrek highlighted the fact that Tavares makes what is reported to be an industry problem when in reality it is a problem only for some car manufacturers, such as Stellantis. The magazine highlights that other automakers have been able to build reliable and profitable electric vehicles without much complaint.

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Stellantis: Carlos Tavares’ complaints to Reuters microphones did not go unnoticed, the whole world discussed them today

Other insiders agree with Tavares and they think that in fact the governments of Europe and other parts of the world are rushing things too much and in the long run this could have negative effects on the sector but also on the final consumer. What is certain is that the automotive sector is experiencing a delicate moment.

Between drop in demand due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, lack of semiconductors which is creating big problems for the production and the transition to electric mobility, we are experiencing a period of great change. What many fear, however, is that in the end the weakest will get involved, that is, the workers in the sector who fear for their future.

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