Stem cells help advance the regeneration of mouth tissues

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The defects in the tissues of the mouthas a result of an accident, abnormality or disease, have always been a challenge for dental professionals. The restoration of these tissues has always been a mystery until a while ago, when technology allowed experts to begin to research stem cells.

The regenerative medicine is undergoing a clear growth and the knowledge of the methods of regeneration of the tissues of the mouth causes a growing interest in the professionals of the trade. Currently, it has been discovered that stem cells They help advance the regeneration of mouth tissues and we want to tell you a little more about this progress.

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stem cells in gum disease

We could say that one of the main discoveries of the 21st century is the discovery of stem cells and its ability to revolutionize the field of medicine. In the case of gum diseases, this causes a gradual loss of teeth, since the structures are not capable of supporting them.

These diseases occur for different causes and cause a great discomfort in patients with symptoms such as continuous bad breath, inflamed and bleeding gums, pain, sensitive teeth, etc. These diseases have been treated, so far, with other types of less effective treatments.

Undoubtedly, the discovery of the effect of stem cells in these patients marked a before and after in this medicine area.

The benefits of stem cell treatment in the mouth

There are several techniques developed to try to regenerate oral tissues of patients with these types of problems. One of those that has given the best results is the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. These types of cells are found in the milk teeth of children and have come to revolutionize dental treatments.

It is predicted that, in the not too distant future, this type of cells will be able to correct malformations on the bone and create completely healthy gums.

To verify its effectiveness, we worked on some patients who presented this type of oral pathologies and the underwent stem cell treatment. Thanks to this study, it was demonstrated that both the gum and the bone could be regenerated after 6 months of having undergone the treatment.

These patients therefore symptoms stopped previous mouths and did not return to present bleeding gums, sensitivity, inflammation, etc.

Now you know that stem cells help advance the regeneration of tissues in the mouth, helping patients with oral diseases. This advance in science has meant a before and after for dental medicine and, as technology evolves, stem cell treatments will become more advanced and effective.

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