Stephen Curry’s impossible shot from before half court in Warriors vs. Celtics


To close out the first half against the Boston Celtics in NBA 2023, Stephen Curry hit a shot with the Golden State Warriors before half court. Video!

Stephen Curry, NBA star
© Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesStephen Curry, NBA star

“Not of this world”, published the NBA Latam account. And as! Stephen Curry surprised the best basketball on the planet again with a shot from before half court in the game Golden State Warriors vs. boston celtics of the NBA day of January 19, 2023.

When it seemed that the Celtics were going to the break of the first half leading by two points, Curry appeared in all his splendor to silence the TD Garden stadium with a shot that for mortals was impossible to make. That venue that saw the Warriors be champions in the nba 2022 returned to witness the show ‘Chef’.

The duel between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics for the 2022-23 NBA season came loaded with a high dose of tension after the insults that Draymond Green and Klay Thompson complained about during the 2022 grand final. So Stephen Curry He wanted to make his mark again where he received his first Finals MVP award.

Curry came from being compared to Michael Jordan by himself Steve Kerr and again it was shown that Steph is the MJ Modern. Despite the rivalry that arose between the Celtics and Warriors after the Dubs’ title, Boston fans did not hesitate to ask for autographs and photos of the star guard of the nba. Harbinger of the impossible shot they were going to witness? Probably…

Video: Curry’s impossible shot from before half court in Warriors vs. Celtics

the game clock Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics marked that there were 4.4 seconds left in the second quarter and Jason Tatum He was carrying the ball after a turnover by Klay Thompson. He was headed for the hoop, but Stephen Curry He said wait a minute. ‘The chef’ he stole the ball and launched a triple from before half court. Did he hit it? Bang! Steph’s impossible triple against the buzzer: The jewel of the Dubs’ overtime defeat against the Celtics by 118 to 121 points.

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