Stolbizer rejected those who “do not condemn the crimes of the dictatorship”.

The national vice-president and leader of the General, Margarita Stolbizer, this Friday rejected those who “do not condemn the crimes of the dictatorship”, recalled the figure of former President Raúl Alfonsín and pointed out that “democracy is based on pluralism and diverse ideas. There is respect.” «The 40 years of democracy and the work of Raúl Alfonsín were not in vain. We ended the military coup. There is still a lot to be resolved, but we live in peace, we choose and change every 2 years. “Not those who do not condemn the crimes of the dictatorship,” Wrote stolbizer on his X account (XTwitter),

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“Democracy is pluralism and respect for diverse views,” said a member of Together for Change. Dialogue is the basis of social coexistence. You can and should be civil without being insulting. “Not those who indulge in violence and raise slogans of politics.” «There are social achievements in equal marriage, abortion, gender equality, development. Neither head lice, nor legal recognition for fathers who do not take care of children, nor adoption as a business. “No to barbarism and regression,” he claimed.

Furthermore, he said that “climate change negatively impacts development and the fight against poverty. Say ‘No’ to deniers willing to fail to comply with the country’s commitments and SDG 2030. there is a lot to do. «A woman is in danger when there is a weapon in the closet or in her husband’s pants. Releasing access to weapons is a threat to our lives that does not solve the serious problem of insecurity. Not those who deny gender violence and promote the possession of weapons,” the deputy said.

Finally, he recognized that “Argentina needs a development program with a humanitarian approach and stability that generates and distributes prosperity. Not Cavallo’s apprentices, ultra-neoliberals who prefer a market without the state and without the people. Let’s do it. “Change alone is an empty concept.” Education, action and exemplary leadership to reposition politics and democracy at the service of the people and eliminate politicians who line their pockets, not those who do not condemn corruption and only think about money,” He concluded.

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