stop actor’s bad habit

Dspit your wife jennifer lopez’s Attempt, ben affleck He has not been able to kick his smoking addiction and it continues to challenge the singer, as he Took a photo with a cigarette and she was next to him.

ben affleck was in one $450k luxury Rolls-Royce With JLo while smoking.

Jennifer Lopez tells woman to “back off, bitch” after making sexual comment about Ben Affleck

However, there are reports that the singer is keen on her husband to give up this habit. Looks like Affleck is still enjoying his cigarette.

The Batman actor has been captured smoking in photos, showing a clear disregard for his wife’s concerns about his health.

Although in the past, Affleck has expressed a desire to quit smoking, these new photos reveal He still has not completely got rid of this habit.

The couple, popularly known as “Bennifer”, have been in the media headlines since rekindling their romance.

However, differences in lifestyle habits, such as smoking, can create challenges in any relationship.

Despite reports of JLo’s desire for Affleck to quit smoking, The images say that he is unable to do so.

This situation can cause tension between the couple, as has happened with other aspects of their daily life, as they have been seen upset or arguing on other occasions.

Another argument?

A few weeks ago, ‘Bennifer’ fans were disappointed with the news related to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, because Paparazzi saw this couple very upset with each other And obviously there is debate.

The pair were photographed inside a car in Los Angeles, and it’s quite worrying because none of the photos that went viral show the couple having resolved this misunderstanding, with JLo looking especially upset with Affleck. Is.

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