“Stop Covid priority hospitalizations”: Belgium’s turning point in the fight against the virus

The Belgian authorities are preparing to evaluate the possibility of to exclude Covid patients from the preferential wards for hospitalization. To urge the stop to the priority admissions for those infected with the coronavirus is a report drawn up on Tuesday by a special committee set up by the Federal Public Health Service (Sfb Santé). The analysis in question outlines the scenario that could arise in hospital wards in the event that the Omicron variant triggers an unprecedented wave of infections in the Benelux country.

The assessments of the report drawn up by the Sfb Santé committee were then summarized to the local broadcasters by Marcel Van der Auwera, president of the special body that finalized the dossier: “There is a consensus that in a level 3 emergency phase, treatment for Covid will no longer be a priority than that for other types of diseases“Until now, Belgian hospitals have always had to keep sufficient beds available for patients being treated for Covid. Right now, classified by local health authorities as epidemic phase 1B, it is 50% of the ICU capacity in most of them. hospitals, to be reserved for coronavirus positives emergency scenario instead of type 3, which could materialize due to the Omicron variant, this percentage for the benefit of Covid patients, clarified Van der Auwera, may no longer be guaranteed: “In an emergency scenario, this will no longer be on the agenda. Only those in real need should therefore be hospitalized“. Van der Auwera then warned:”It is no longer possible to make so many resources available to one person. We will then establish a priority list for phase 3. If this happens, only people with urgent problems can be admitted to the hospital.“.

The evaluations contained in the report for the Sfb Santé come at a time when the Belgian parliament is discussing thevaccination obligation, with a debate in the House in plenary session on the subject by the end of February.

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