Stop everything! Juan De Dios Pantoja is honest about what she feels for Kenya Os

MEXICO – Juan De Dios Pantoja is by far one of the public figures most controversial and uncomfortable today. This not only refers to Mexico, where he is from and where he enjoys greater popularity. No, in fact, the famous content creator He is well known throughout the Latin American region, since his rise to fame and the enormous fortune he has, have brought him to the fore.

However, if there is something that really draws attention to JD, it is, without a doubt, his peculiar and acid way of dealing with certain issues. Such would be the case, for example, of any attack he makes on his wife, the older cutie, Kimberly Loaiza. While she is there she prefers to remain silent and let it pass, the Mexican chooses to be much more rebellious and reactionary.

What does Juan De Dios Pantoja really feel for Kenya Os?

Today it is well known that the relationship between Juan De Dios Pantoja, Kimberly Loaiza and Kenya Os, is not the best. The reason for such a conflict refers to several years ago, when the interpreter of “La noche” decided to disassociate herself from JuKiLoP in order to autonomize their work in networks. A fact that JD did not like and, therefore, the extensive community of fans and supporters he has did not like at all.

However, a recent tweet confused many because everything would seem to indicate that even though the Kenyan leader is not spoken to, she does not hate her as much as one would think. And it would not be for less to suppose this because, what he has said was the following: “I will never bother if someone does well, and even less if I had to see for that to be possible” he exclaimed to dry.

Before this message Juan De Dios Pantojamany were those who assumed that it was direct for Kenya Os, who has been accused many times of riding on the success of JuKiLoP. However, Internet users did not skimp on responses and thousands of people spoke out against it. Certainly, after he had eliminated Os’s networks, it was the kenini who had to build her career from scratch.

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