Stop petrol-diesel in 2035: Italy officially says no

Stop to thermal engines gas And diesel yes, but with the right timing. This is a summary of Italy’s position after the Cop26 in Glasgow, in which we worked to draft the final document of the conference dedicated to the fight against climate change. Among those who said “no” to stop the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2035 there is also our country, which has aligned itself with the other European countries with a leading role in the automotive sector (Germany, France and Spain). The Minister of Economic Development officially explained the Italian position Giancarlo Giorgetti, who spoke about it during the question time in the House.

Italy, like many car manufacturers, has therefore decided not to sign the agreement proposed by the EU Commission in the “Fit for 55” climate reform package and which provides for the farewell to internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel) fixed for 2035. In fact, the Government believes that it is “necessary to propose to the EU Commission a revision of the aforementioned package to encourage management of the ecological transition that takes into account the needs of the Italian automotive industry and the social aspects associated with it”.

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