Strange Apex Legends bug baffles community when player is sent flying across the map

A strange bug is puzzling Apex Legends community due to the lack of a concrete explanation. Theories were floated about that span, from a perfect bullet to a trident insect.

On September 26, a Reddit post contained a video of a player being sent across the map in a fallen state the moment they entered the trident.

Several theories have been floated as to why the error occurred, but it still confuses players. A Reddit user named whatisabaggins55 proposed that he might have something to do with the trident and the bullet fired before the player entered.

They said that the player was sent directly to the center of the map because the game panicked and didn’t know where to put him since he entered the trident when he was knocked down.

They further explained in another comment that each map has a point of origin. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of the map; The point is determined by the developers and every time the game crashes, it teleports players there.

When looking closely at the footage, a gunshot can be heard a second before the player enters the trident. After that, it showed that they were shot down by the prey fed by a Wingman. It couldn’t be a network error since the player’s network status window doesn’t show any packet loss and its ping is low.

But the gunshot theory is still pretty flimsy since the gunshot was heard a second before the player entered the trident. Sixty frames had already passed, so it can’t be called “in the same frame.”

Whatever the reason, one thing is pretty common in these theories: the game didn’t know what to do and simply shot them into the center of the map as part of its contingency plan.

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