Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s hearing loss and her problems

Although the star of Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown usually talks little about her private life, in an interview she revealed that she suffers from hearing loss, something that has been affecting her since she was little but that she has known about coping with and getting ahead.

Despite his youth, Millie Bobby Brown he did not achieve overnight success. The actress of stranger things was born in Spain on February 19, 2004, lived in the UK, then in Florida and then moved to Los Angeles. In a matter of months, she had landed roles in shows like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy, but she wasn’t completely out of the picture. However, the star has had to work very hard, especially because of a disability that she suffers from and that she has managed to overcome in one way or another.

Millie Bobby Brown has difficulty hearing in one of her ears

The life of Millie Bobby Brown It hasn’t been easy at all, according to the Daily Mail, his family was “broke” and waiting for him to land bigger roles, and eventually they all moved back to the UK. But when Brown auditioned for stranger thingsfrom Netflix, in 2015, luck changed his life: the sci-fi thriller made Brown a bona fide star.

Of course, fame isn’t without its pitfalls, especially for someone so young. Besides acting, Millie Bobby Brown she has a powerful singing voice and loves to show it off. She “wanted to be a singer since she was three years old,” she told W magazine in 2017, adding that she had “just started studying.” In 2016, she delighted Jimmy Fallon and some of his fellow stranger things with an impromptu rendition of a snippet from Kanye West’s “Monster” performed by Nicki Minaj (while showering everyone with hilarious twerks).

In addition, she also sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” for W magazine, proving that she can cover Beyoncé like no one else. Interestingly, according to Variety, Millie Bobby Brown she was born with hearing loss (a partial hearing loss in one ear) and is currently completely deaf in one ear. However, this fact has never stopped him from pursuing his passions.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has been able to overcome her difficulties

In the interview, the star assured that she was able to partially hear, but due to so many treatments as a child, she ended up completely losing hearing in one of her ears. Faced with this circumstance, Millie Bobby Brown She has always tried to have a life like any other young woman, putting all her effort into the things she does. In that sense, she also stands out as a good singer, despite being partially heard.

“I just started singing and if I look bad, I don’t care because I’m just doing what I like.”

Despite the problems he has had, the star continues to receive great job offers, the most recent of which was his participation in the movie Enola Holmes 2, where he was working with Henry Cavill. In fact, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that he has a very strange relationship with his co-star, something that has surprised all his followers.

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